BLACKNOVEMBER 15% OFF Coupon code for 5 top sword brands until 14th of November!

AKA – the Good News..

Smart Sword Buyers get in on this kind of deal and secure their Christmas shopping gifts well ahead of the rush..

And it really doesn’t get much better than THIS. From today until Thursday the 14th of November 2019 simply use the coupon code BLACKNOVEMBER (all capitals, no spaces – just click the coupon code for it to be instantly applied to your order).

Here are the 5 brands covered under this deal – and remember, if you order 3 or more swords shipping is FREE too!

Hanwei Forge (Paul Chen)

Kingston Arms

Dragon King

Legacy Arms


All are listed together in the Hot Specials Section for your convenience. So check out what is on offer today, be the early bird and get the sword while they are still in stock

P.S. Just a FYI, due to our agreements with the distributor of all of the above brands we were never actually able to send any of these outside of the USA – so the shipping issue mentioned in the previous post does not make any difference.

Kingston Arms Type XVIII On Sale and Below COST price!

The Oakeshott Type XVIII by Kingston Arms was designed by none other than the Legendary Sword Maker, Angus Trim and made by Kingston Arms out of hard wearing monotempered 9260 Spring Steel for the most durable blade possible.

Gus Trim Design, 9260 Spring Steel, Now Just $249.99

The end result? A particularly well balanced, great handling and almost indestructible blade – now marked down from our already discounted price of $299.99 to BELOW WHOLESALE/COST pricing of $249.99..

From a historical perspective click here to see our article on Oakeshott Type XVIII Swords on the main site.

Definitely a bargain for fans of medieval swords in general and for those who appreciate refined handling with exceptional overall durability..

New Designs and Special Promotions on the Ryujin Budget ‘Art Sword’ Series

One of the biggest problems with buying swords online from even established companies like is that not only do they rarely understand much about the products they sell, but pricing is all over the map.

It’s made worse because at the same time there are certain swords out there that LOOK like they might be quite expensive, especially if the seller is unscrupulous. I mean, let’s take a look at the blade below.

If I told you it was 1060 carbon steel, 5160 or 9260 Spring Steel – how do you really know?

Well, the blade above is in fact made from 1045 carbon steel – the most commonly used (and abused) steel the majority of swords made in China are made from. When through hardened and well tempered, they are surprisingly strong.

For example, while its thicker than average, the early Ronin Katana blades were all made from 1045 carbon steel and could chop up a 2×4 with nary a scratch. And so, it’s very easy for a sword seller looking to make a HUGE profit to market these blades as a more desirable steel and lie about what the components are made from or how they are made (i.e. hand painted when they are a stencil, etc). And even when they are honest about the steel, price gouging is not uncommon. For example, the EXACT same sword pictured below (minus the Ryujin name, they call it the – wait for it…

“Hand-Forging Full Tang Spring Steel Blade Sharp Japanese Samurai Dao Sword Katana Dragon Saya Home Decoration Collection Asian Real Knife Saber” (btw, it’s not hand forged, nor is it spring steel).

We sell for $64.99 is nearly DOUBLE the price here at for a mere $125..

As you can plainly see, it’s very easy for a sword seller looking to make a HUGE profit to market these blades as a more desirable steel and lie about what the components are made from or how they are made (i.e. hand painted when they are a stencil, etc) or just charge a premium because they LOOK like they should be sold for over $100, so they charge what they think they can get away with…

SBG has never and never will operate or support this principle. So to help out buyers on a budget get something decent and fairly priced, we have selected what we feel are the best designs from this series we call the Ryujin ‘Art Sword’ collection – which we first introduced with a couple of models in THIS blog post from September 28.

Here are the next 5 swords in the series:

Tsunami Dragon Art Sword – $64.99

‘Harui’ Art Sword – $69.99

‘Shining Clouds’ Art Sword – $64.99

Ninjato Art Sword – $69.99

‘Viper’ Art Sword – $64.99

Sure, the blades may not be made of a fancy steel – but they are honest and certainly safer than most other similar blades – especially those that are folded (many cheap swords that claim to be folded are faked – and believe it or not – you are better off if it IS fake when it comes to cheap folded steel blades, but that is a discussion for another time).

Now this is a pretty good deal just as it is. But, especially for our US based customers, we sweeten the deal because if you order any 3 of ANY of the 1045 carbon steel swords on the new Art Sword Page, you get a FREE SHIPPING and a FREE Tanto valued at $29.99.

Get one of two Tanto designs FREE when you order 3 or more 1045 carbon steel blades

For more details on this special offer, click here. In the meantime, you can see a brand new page for all the swords in the series by clicking the link below:

The Quick and the Dead – limited availability Katana

It’s going to be a case of the quick and the dead here..

First off, just a quick update on Project X Japanese – right now we are below the 40% mark left for pre-orders, so at that rate it’s pretty likely that all available spots will be taken by the end of the month..

Truly some amazing tweaks to the main designs have been submitted and the forge is already at work making them, so if you are interested in getting a Project X from round 2 – don’t leave it too late as the faster your order comes in, the higher up in the que it is..

Anyway, that’s not what the theme of this post is about. As many of you know, the SBG Custom Katana line recently reached what we think is the point of no return – but we have a few scratch and dent swords that failed QC available for pennies on the dollar – two are one off customs and two are failed QC swords from the Black Dragon Forge which makes the SBG Custom Katana.

Four One Off Scratch and Dents – HUGE discounts, all listed in the HOT SPECIALS section..

Discounts on these are crazy low – and may be the last chance to pick these kind of swords up ever.. (almost all are under $300 with FREE SHIPPING in North America).

Speaking of which, the final sword in the Quick and the Dead Listing – a beautiful basic 1045 carbon steel blade with Dragon engraving on the wood

Just $69.99

Only about a dozen are left and once sold out are gone for good.

Blades are solid and well tempered, and the price is just $69.99 – so if you are into last chance special offers, well – you need to take a close look at this baby..

Check out all these limited availability blades, from the best of the best in Project X to the one off scratch and dents and the closeout sale on the Dragon Shirasaya..

More news coming soon!

Friday the 13th Specials

While it might be an unlucky day for some, for those of you who are into somewhat more ‘sinister’ swords you just hit the jackpot.

From now until midnight Sunday the 15th we have selected 5 of our most ‘Halloweeny, Friday the thirteenthy’ themed swords to be heavily discounted this Sunday the 15th (midnight EST).

First off, 10% off EVERY sword in the Apocalypse ready A.P.O.C. series of 9260 Spring Steel blades designed by the Legendary Gus Trim.

The A.P.O.C. Tactical Sword Series designed by Angus Trim

Already priced well under $200, from now until Sunday you can save an extra 10% off our already low prices. And remember, save even more with $15 flat rate shipping for 1-2 swords and FREE SHIPPING for 3 or more, why not collect the whole set?

And then, the most wicked looking Katana ever – the ‘Shi’ Katana by Dragon King.. With skull themed silver and black fittings as a theme, it sports a stunning T10 tool steel blade and is no mere ornament.

Black with flashes of silver (habaki, menuki, etc) never has there been such a sinister looking blade as this one.. Even zombies would run away..
The skull themed iron tsuba with real silver accented tooth
Geometric Yokotote with high end polish and thick and juicy boshi

Normal MSRP on this one is just a few $ shy of 1K, but you can get it for just $499.99 until midnight this Sunday..