Project X Japanese – Final Call for 2019

Plus Update on Forge Direct Japanese Delay

Pre-Orders Now 80% filled and going fast..

We have just surpassed the 80% point for Project X Japanese – and last time that happened, the last few spots were gobbled up in a matter of days..

It’s no real surprise that despite the relatively high price tag (which is actually a total bargain, these swords are easily worth at least twice as much as what we are charging for them) – orders for Project X Japanese have been coming in hard and fast over the course of this month. So if you want the good stuff that ‘John West didn’t reject’ – here it is.

At least, for the next few days – after which it won’t be until sometime in 2020 that the next opportunity will present itself..

Don’t miss out..

Forge Direct Japanese – supply and demand issues..

Pitting one forge against another can be good for the sword buyer.

In the case of Forge Direct – a price drop from $899 to $699 for the ‘standard’ Forge Direct Custom Katana (if there is such a thing as a ‘standard’ custom Katana!) – but it can lead to some other issues. Namely, supply not being able to meet the demand.

Since the price drop and special promotions, we have literally been flooded with orders for these swords that are second in quality ONLY to Project X (though the truth is, it’s a little bit subjective too – the main difference is that Project X is an advanced laminate while Forge Direct are simply the best made T10 blades on the market. Period – so it depends on what you like really).

With demand exceeding the forges capacity to supply them and a total refusal to send out an inferior quality or flawed blade for the sake of speed – we are a bit backlogged right now. And there are still some supply chain issues with some of the more exotic hand made or hand painted saya and fitting sets for reasons that are too complicated to go into in this blog post (such as the saya below – it takes time to do something like that by hand)

100% hand painted, art like this takes TIME…

So we highly recommend that if you want to get ahead of the queue you order NOW as the later you leave it, the longer it will take to complete your order.

Either way, these are some of the best blades around for anything NEAR this kind of price. The value for money factor is off the scale, so get in on one or the other while you can..

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