6 New Ryujin T10 Katana on Special All Month!

To start the new year with a real ‘bang’ our friends at Ryujin have brought back, and expanded, a classic special offer, rewinding the prices on not one but SIX pre-assembled models of the classic Ryujin custom Katana.

Featuring the same fittings used on the $279.99 Custom Katana series, but with solid iron tsuba’s minus the real gold embellishment and pre-assembly to save on production costs, each of the models below is available at the ridiculously low price of just $199.99 until the end of the month (and while stocks last, as some will be much more popular than others).

Take a look for yourself!

Blue Ito, blue saya and classic Musashi Tsuba

Red ito, burgundy saya, black sageo and classic crane tsuba

Green ito, military green saya and Kamakiri Semi tsuba (praying mantis hunting a cicada while being stalked by a sparrow)

Purple ito, white saya with black sageo and ‘classic bamboo’ themed tsuba.

Gun metal grey saya, black ito and sageo and simple maru iron tsuba

Red saya and ito, black saeo and nature themed iron tsuba.

Only available and at the special price of just $199.99 until the end of January and while stocks last!

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