Batch 18 now closed

Just a very quick update – batch 18 has just reached the forges maximum production capacity and over the next few days I will be reviewing each order, formatting them and batching them together to send to the forge.

I am still corresponding with some of the customers who ordered within the past couple of days and will be ensuring that all orders are properly addressed before we send them all through to the forge, so if you have an order in at the moment and wish to make any last minute changes before we lock them in NOW is definitely the time to do so.

I’ll post again once everything is batched up and we are good to go – apologies to anyone who missed out on this round, hopefully most people were able to get theirs in quickly enough.

Got to get back to it – if anyone has any questions please email me as usual and I’ll do my best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Looking forward to bringing these cool designs to life (and there are some VERY cool designs in this batch!).

– Paul

Nearly time to close off

What a marathon..

I’ve just spent the last goodness knows how many hours making sure that each and every email enquiry for batch 18 has been personally answered, but as of this moment we are at 95% capacity for this batch so I’m afraid that there will be some people who weren’t able to move fast enough on this one..

I wish there was something that could be done, but to accept more orders than the forge can handle is not in anyones best interests, so if you want to get in on this batch NOW is definitely the last roll call..

Now all I want to know is if there is a place online that sells shockabsorbers for fingertips as I am all emailed out..! (ouch).

Blog again soon.

– Paul

SBG Custom Katana: A quick and unofficial update…

Ok, just wanted to let people know where we are up to as the 18th has nearly been and gone and we haven’t given the official ‘go’ signal for batch 18..

First off, the previous batch (batch 17) has started being received by my agent in Canada and he is opening up the cartons and beginning the sorting and inspecting period over the weekend. People with batch 17 orders should be receiving an official update on this shortly, but right now I am having some kind of technical glitch and cannot log into the store to update the appropriate files which is a bit of a pain.

Unofficially though we have ‘taken the brakes off’ and we are NOW able to accept new custom Katana orders even though the official announcement has not gone out yet.

I am doing it this way to try to ensure there is not a massive rush and we end up closing off before people who have REALLY been waiting patiently for this (i.e. people reading this blog!) gets a fair chance to do so as they sell waaay to fast for their own good. So for those of you who just cant stand the waiting and anticipation any more and are dilligent enough to check this blog – well, you can get in as an early bird now (it DOESN’T effect how soon you will receive your sword by the way – they all get made as a single group remember. It just gets you a high prized place in the batch)..

To everyone who is waiting for a response via email, please bear with me – I’m answering them personally and my answers are rarely short ones.. I’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

SBG Custom Katana

Thanks all,
– Paul

Shipping has commenced

Sorry it took so long to get to this stage, but I am pleased to let you know that we have finally started shipping the swords out from the forge after pre-inspection.

We had some delays with the shipping boxes and it seems that some of you will be receiving them in the old style ‘display boxes’ and others may be getting them with the new form fitted styrofoam, wont know for sure who will be getting what yet until they arrive at my Canada agent for a final inspection and shipping.

Hopefully customs will not delay our airfreight shipments too much, my Canadian agent will be doing everything possible to get them through so we can get them out as I know some of you have been waiting 2 months more than the originally stated delivery time, and trust me, this has caused me considerable stress as I pride myself on taking my responsibilities very seriously and to say that it is frustrating is no exaggeration.

Because of this, I haven’t taken any new orders for some time – getting these orders cleared is my top priority! For casual readers of this blog though, I have created a ‘notification list’ where you can sign up to be notified by email when we have things back under control again here:

Custom Katana Notification List

Finally, for those people who placed an order in mid-January to early February – your swords are still on track for delivery in May. I will most certainly close off on taking any new orders any time close to new years though (both occidental and oriental) – that is for sure…

So apologies again to those people who have been patiently waiting, I assure you that your orders have definitely NOT been forgotten and I will be in contact with you again soon once your sword comes in, has been inspected, and is shipped out to you with the relevant tracking information. But in the meantime, as always, any questions or concerns please contact me directly.


Paul Southren

All mounted up and nearly ready to go

Hey guys,

Some good news, the swords are all mounted up and good to go!

After so many delays with this batch, from halting production to fine tune our procedures, New Year holidays (both Gregorian and Lunar!) and a whole heap of messing around trying to get them moving fast – but not so fast that the quality was compromised, I feel very relieved to have reached this stage.

To be perfectly honest, the pressure of meeting my obligations to you guys who ordered it and sorting out these teething troubles had me seriously reconsidering the whole project and it has taken quite a toll as I am the kind of person who takes my responsibilities VERY seriously. But seeing some of the pics of the finished swords from the forge makes me feel it is all worthwhile…

Have a bit of a look, maybe you’ll see YOUR design!!

Definitely looking good: I am sure that you’ll find them to be worth the wait (though I do admit, I still feel very bad about how long this batch has taken compared to the first one, but we are getting better and smoother!).

The only thing holding us back now is that we decided to change the shipping boxes.

Instead of the usual ‘display boxes’ which look good, but sometimes fail to properly protect the swords while in transit, we decided to use a tight form fitting sytrofoam case boxed in cardboard:

This will slow things down just a little as each one has been cut, but I think it is better in the long run to avoid shipping damage and keep all the fittings nice and tight and avoiding exposure.

So please bear with us just a little longer, and rest assured that we are now doing everything possible to get these swords out to you within a reasonable time frame.

More updates to follow soon, and as always if you have any direct questions or concerns just drop me a line.

Paul Southren