Shipping has commenced

Sorry it took so long to get to this stage, but I am pleased to let you know that we have finally started shipping the swords out from the forge after pre-inspection.

We had some delays with the shipping boxes and it seems that some of you will be receiving them in the old style ‘display boxes’ and others may be getting them with the new form fitted styrofoam, wont know for sure who will be getting what yet until they arrive at my Canada agent for a final inspection and shipping.

Hopefully customs will not delay our airfreight shipments too much, my Canadian agent will be doing everything possible to get them through so we can get them out as I know some of you have been waiting 2 months more than the originally stated delivery time, and trust me, this has caused me considerable stress as I pride myself on taking my responsibilities very seriously and to say that it is frustrating is no exaggeration.

Because of this, I haven’t taken any new orders for some time – getting these orders cleared is my top priority! For casual readers of this blog though, I have created a ‘notification list’ where you can sign up to be notified by email when we have things back under control again here:

Custom Katana Notification List

Finally, for those people who placed an order in mid-January to early February – your swords are still on track for delivery in May. I will most certainly close off on taking any new orders any time close to new years though (both occidental and oriental) – that is for sure…

So apologies again to those people who have been patiently waiting, I assure you that your orders have definitely NOT been forgotten and I will be in contact with you again soon once your sword comes in, has been inspected, and is shipped out to you with the relevant tracking information. But in the meantime, as always, any questions or concerns please contact me directly.


Paul Southren

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