All mounted up and nearly ready to go

Hey guys,

Some good news, the swords are all mounted up and good to go!

After so many delays with this batch, from halting production to fine tune our procedures, New Year holidays (both Gregorian and Lunar!) and a whole heap of messing around trying to get them moving fast – but not so fast that the quality was compromised, I feel very relieved to have reached this stage.

To be perfectly honest, the pressure of meeting my obligations to you guys who ordered it and sorting out these teething troubles had me seriously reconsidering the whole project and it has taken quite a toll as I am the kind of person who takes my responsibilities VERY seriously. But seeing some of the pics of the finished swords from the forge makes me feel it is all worthwhile…

Have a bit of a look, maybe you’ll see YOUR design!!

Definitely looking good: I am sure that you’ll find them to be worth the wait (though I do admit, I still feel very bad about how long this batch has taken compared to the first one, but we are getting better and smoother!).

The only thing holding us back now is that we decided to change the shipping boxes.

Instead of the usual ‘display boxes’ which look good, but sometimes fail to properly protect the swords while in transit, we decided to use a tight form fitting sytrofoam case boxed in cardboard:

This will slow things down just a little as each one has been cut, but I think it is better in the long run to avoid shipping damage and keep all the fittings nice and tight and avoiding exposure.

So please bear with us just a little longer, and rest assured that we are now doing everything possible to get these swords out to you within a reasonable time frame.

More updates to follow soon, and as always if you have any direct questions or concerns just drop me a line.

Paul Southren

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