Custom Katana – Batch 41 Update

Right now we have about a month to go before batch 41 of the SBG Custom Katana is due. And the good news is that the forge has ALMOST completed this batch and (fingers crossed) if everything goes smoothly completing the last few swords and customs does not mess us around too much this time, there is a reasonable chance that this time we may be on track for delivery on or even slightly ahead of schedule.. (though I may regret saying that! As I said, fingers crossed).

I have just sent out an email update to all the people who are waiting on this batch, but in the meantime will share a couple of cool pics with you from the forge showing the swords in various stages of completion.

The two swords one down from the top with black leather and rayskin saya are a Daisho set, and each one of the blades here have either complex Kobuse or Sanmai laminations, which is GREAT news as these are the ones that take the longest to make..!

The saya are not yet completely dry on some of them due to seasonal rains in Longquan – and so curing the wood is taking longer than usual and slowing the whole thing down. And the one right at the bottom is awaiting its ito wrap – so excuse the sword nudity..!

Since everything is going relatively smoothly, batch 42 should also be on time to take new orders once the swords are all shipped and the forge are busy twiddling their thumbs. So will update you on that again in due course..!

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