First sub $1000 L6 Sword – introducing the Hanwei Miao Dao

First applied to swords in the 1990s by the famous US swordmaker Howard Clark, L6 steel soon garnered a reputation as a kind of modern ‘super steel’ famous for its strength and durability. While many smiths attempted to follow, few were able to duplicate Howard’s success as the steel is notoriously hard to work with. However after many years of trial and error Ron Chen, son of Paul Chen, the founder of Hanwei, finally cracked the code and developed several models of high end production Katana using this highly sought after steel..

But in 2022 – the year when almost nothing new or revolutionary has happened – they release a surprise. A sub $1000 Chinese Long Saber, the Hanwei L6 Miao Dao.

Essentially a ‘Chinese Katana’ this simple yet sweeping and powerful design was a fantastic candidate for another L6 blade to their line up, but with simpler fittings and the emphasis on pure functionality, it was possible to house this blade and offer it for the lowest price any genuine L6 sword has ever been listed for before.

Stock is limited, and the restock is likely a very long time away, so if you can see what a great and rare opportunity this is, grab it at our heavily discounted price of (wait for it) not $899.99 but just $679.99!


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