New Wolf Tsuba added to Ryujin Custom Sword Line (all models)

Following the release of the Wolf themed ‘Grey Wolf’ Katana featuring a classic Ryujin T10 tool steel blade at the bargain introductory price of $249.99 – the tsuba from this themed fitting set has just been made available across the board on all of the Ryujin Custom Katana (and Wakizashi and O-Katana) lines (personally, I think it would look awesome on an O-Katana!).

Made from iron/low carbon steel it features two wolves howling at a (genuine) silver moon and on the side facing the sword when held, a yellow (gold plated) eyes snarling wolf – and as noted is now available on every sword that has a tsuba option (though only the grey wolf model features the themed wolf head kashira).

Definitely one of the most awesome looking tsuba to date – check out all the Ryujin custom sword lines that it features in below:

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