NEW and On Special: Legacy Arms Maintz Gladius

As anyone who has been following this blog recently will know, Legacy Arms has taken great strides over the last couple of years to update and completely overhaul their sword offerings by transferring production to a bigger and better forge – and the most recent sword to be overhauled in this way is the wasp waisted Maintz Gladius:

With a redesigned handle and distally tapering blade, it’s both stunning to behold and frightfully effective – and like all Legacy Arms blades this month, hits the ground running with the very best promotional price offer possible..!

Until the end of the month you can pick up this $265 sword with a $100 discount – and snap it up for a mere $165..

With only 10 days or so left in the promotion, and with the other swords in the series selling like hotcakes – if you want to grab the newest blade fresh from the forge at the very best price, well, you know what to do..

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