4 new 5160 Spring Steel Katana with awesome fittings from Ryujin

There is no doubt that for many years now, the flagship Ryujin Custom Katana have been extremely popular and well received by a wide segment of the sword community. But a few years ago they dipped their toe in the waters of more refined 5160 Spring Steel blades with a real hamon and high quality fittings with the Ryujin 5160 Spring Steel ELITE ‘Matsu” Katana

Well, they just added 4 new models to this line with a more active notare hamon temper line and 24K gold and silver plated iron fitting sets – and they are extremely affordably priced considering what you get, available at a special introductory price of just $329.99

Check out the 4 new models below and see for yourself

“Yuri” ELITE

“Dragon Sage” ELITE

“Tessen” ELITE

“Hamaya” ELITE

Check out these and many other ‘off the shelf’ Ryujin swords at SBG Below:

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