New SBG Designs

Hi everyone,

Just a very quick update – we have just finished adding 3 brand new, never seen before products to the store from our very own SBG Black Dragon Forge, makers of the SBG custom Katana since 2008..

Like all the blades the forge makes for us, each sword is made from differentially hardened T10 tool steel with a natural, unenhanced hamon. But as you can see from the brief introductory pictures below, that is about the ONLY thing these three designs have in common.


Features: Iron fittings, reinforced black rattan wrapped saya. Designed to be a frequent use dojo workhorse.


Named after a deadly snake native to Australia, this set of two blades are some of the most unique you are likely to stumble across – with double fullered blades, snake themed copper fittings and mottled habaki, if you are tired of the run of the mill designs then you need to check these out.


This is a true Ninjato – designed to be unpredictable and cause confusion to an opponent with its unfamiliar angles of attack and with a mystical “Bakemono” (Japanese Hobgoblin) theme..

More pics and info can be found at our dedicated “SBG Black Dragon Forge” blog here or click the link below to see them all in one place at the store:

I hope you enjoy checking them out as much as I did designing them! Stock is limited so if you see a design you like we strongly recommend that you snatch it up while you can.

– Paul Southren

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