One heck of a good deal on some new training accessories..


As you know (or should know!) one of the things that make SBG different than other sword sellers out there is we only sell real swords. This means we don’t sell anywhere near as many swords as other vendors who stack their shelves with mostly wallhangers or wallhangers being falsely marketed as functional swords..

So when we were offered an exceptional deal on some really high quality polypropylene Bokken (training swords, usually made of wood as Bokken literally means ‘wood sword’) we had to pass on the savings to you guys by offering them in our accessories section – after all – there is no way anyone could confuse a heavy truncheon like sword for a steel blade (at least I hope not.. I am sure I will get at least one email asking how to draw the blade out! Lol).

Each Bokken (one a full length Katana, and the other a shorter Ko Katana) has a high level of attention to detail, with simulated ito wrap (and even menuki for a realistic grip) and comes with two interchangeable tsuba fixed in place with a tight fitted habaki (so you can also take them off entirely if you like).

But from now until the 10th of June, when you buy one you get another one FREE – either two Katana, two Ko Katana or one of each, the choice is yours!

To get started, simply select the sword of your choice, add it to the cart, click the green rewards button to select your second free sword and your done!

A couple of common questions

Question: Are these swords suitable for sparring?

Answer: Yes, but unless you want to get knocked out or break some bones, it is recommended to use minimal force and lots of control.

Question: Are they truly indestructible?

Answer: Side by side tests reveal that they take minimal to no damage on hard tests that crack or severely deform wooden bokken. However, their one weakness is that a well made Katana can slice them in half with a perfectly timed blow, while it usually takes 3-4 strikes against a wooden one.

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