Cheness Restock, Valiant Armoury and SBG Limited Editions!

Ok, lot’s going on at the moment – so it’s definitely time for a quick post to let you all know where we are up to..

First off, a few hours ago the much anticipated Cheness Cutlery restock has come in and perennial favorites like the Tenchi, Oniyuri and Yamakami Katana are again available to order after being out of stock for around 4-5 months.. No need to panic though, it’s a large shipment and there should be enough stock to last until the next replenishment. But anyway, if you are one of the many people who have been emailing me asking about when they will come back in stock – well, they are here!

Within the next few days, we will also be offering a VERY small number of swords from the SBG custom Katana forge that were made with a minor error by the forge (i.e. wrong ito color, etc – purely cosmetic). There aren’t many, and they will be priced to sell – so be sure to check back for those in the next few days as it’s a rare opportunity to get your hands on one of our incredibly popular differentially hardened T10 tool steel blades. Here is an example of one of the blades we have on offer – a Kogarasu with Hamidashi tsuba and kanji engraving ..

For medieval sword lovers, we have a strictly limited opportunity to get one of Valiant Armouries stunning Signature series blades – either the Savoy Bastard Sword, Hedemark Viking or the single handed Bristol sword. Due to an inability to keep up with demand and rising costs, a price increase of 10% has come into effect on this range – however for anyone who reads this blog you can get them at the original price until the end of the month with the coupon code:

Old Pricing

(Please note that this offer is ONLY available to people who use the coupon code in the checkout – we operate on very low margins as is, and Valiant have already increased their wholesale price so this special offer squeezes us VERY hard. As such, it is strictly available to people who use it at the time of ordering – it cannot be applied retroactively)…

OK – so that’s about all for this update. There is actually quite a bit going on right now at the store, with more releases and news coming shortly, so stay tuned – more updates coming soon!

Thanks all.

– Paul Southren 

New Look Store!

As part of the massive site wide overhaul being going on the last few months on the main site (Sword Buyers – the time has finally come for the store itself to get a serious facelift – and stage one has begun today with a brand new look and feel..

But the look and feel is one thing, the new format will allow a lot more functionality too – my goodness you should see some of the goodies we have in store.. (I just realized that was a pun, a bit slow on the uptake today)..

Anyway, more on this later – still a few more cosmetic tweaks to do here and there, but in the meantime it’s business as usual.

I hope you’ll find the new, cleaner navigation easy to use – stay tuned for more news and updates folks!

– Paul

And Batch 22 is closed!

Ok, it’s official – batch 22 is closed and over the next few days my assistant and I will be going over all the orders to make sure everything has been formatted correctly for the forge and double check to make sure there are no data entry errors before sending the final instructions to the forge along with their payment so that they can commence work.

This may take up to a week to process everything, and once we have submitted the designs and the payment to the forge we will send out an email to everyone who is part of this batch (update 1). In the meantime, if you have any last minute tweaks or changes you wish to make, NOW is definitely the time as once we have submitted the instructions to the forge no changes are possible – it will be 100% locked in.

I look forward to bringing these designs to life, there are some really great designs that have been submitted with NO repeats – each design has been unique and I am confident that this will be the very best custom katana batch yet!

I’ll update the blog every now and again with pics or information on the forge, but for the most part updates will be made via email to batch 22 customers directly. However if at any stage you have any questions just shoot me an email and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

– Paul

Last Orders..

Hey Everyone,

Nearly last order time – batch 22 will be officially closing on accepting new orders on the 10th of May. Late orders will not have much time to make any adjustments to the order, so please if you aren’t sure about your design, best to wait for batch 23 in 3-5 months time.

For customers who already have an order in with batch 22, now is the time to make any last minute adjustments, as once we send the order details to the forge that’s it – no further changes are possible as doing so could mess up everyone’s orders – so once we lock it, it’s locked for the duration.

Looking forward to bringing these great designs to life!

– Paul

Quick Update

Just a very quick update, batch 22 is shaping up nicely – at this stage we are scheduled to close off on the batch between the 6th and the 10th of May depending on how many more orders come in over the next few days.

But we are winding it up, so if you haven’t got your order in yet – now is definitely the time.

I’ve also updated the information page as I have received quite a few emails asking me about the tsuka length and some other bits of info that were missing there.

Some EXCELLENT designs coming in, really looking forward to closing off and getting the forge to work on them, I am confident that not only will this be the best batch ever – when the swords come in they will be truly quite awe inspiring!

I’ll make another update within the next few days, in the meantime any questions just let me know.

– Paul