Project X Closes and now – the waiting begins..

For those of you who were never interested in the project in the first place, this is probably GOOD news. But for everyone else, sorry – we actually went over the ideal production limit in just 4 days, such is the demand for these premium quality, great value Shinken.

Just a quick warning: Be ESPECIALLY Cautious from now on any China based sellers who suddenly have ‘Shoshu Kitae’ blades for sale. Based on previous experiences, many of those swords are the rejects from OUR batch, and sold cheap because they are really only suitable for display – but the sellers don’t tell their customers that..

It’s a jungle out there..!

Anyway, I will be in contact with everyone who ordered with updates as we go – in the meantime, if you managed to grab one of these in time CONGRATULATIONS! I know there are a few finer details being worked out with some customers right now, but bear with me – I’ll be in touch personally as soon as humanly possible.

And for those of you who are sick of hearing about it, next post will be something completely different. Promise.. 😉

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