Hanwei Swedish Powder Steel Tiger Elite Katana On Special!

Here is one for the bargain hunters who appreciate high end blades..

The stunning Tiger Elite Katana by Paul Chen’s Hanwei Forge:

While the tiger themed fittings (with real gold gilding) are stunning, it is the folded and differential hardened K120C Swedish Powder Steel blade that makes this sword such an impressive piece.. (for those of you who do not know, Swedish Powder Steel, also known as particle metallurgy steel, is one of the purest steels around – and this combined with Hanwei’s excellent heat treat, result in a sturdy yet extremely traditional blade)..

Here is a review from our SBG forums

The usual price on this baby is $1650, and we sell it at an everyday low price of $1,299.99.. But from now until the 4th of June you can pick it up for a BELOW WHOLESALE price of just $899.99 – truly a bargain for a sword of this overall quality (imported Japanese cotton ito, brass and gold fittings, top grade rayskin, and that amazingly sharp, pure and deadly blade)..

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SBG Custom Katana – Retooling and Preparing for Limited Relaunch..!

It has been nearly a year since we last took orders on the official SBG Custom Katana 3.0 series – and despite running on increasingly thin profit margins, and experiencing many unexpected and lengthy delays – due to popular demand we are retooling this line which we have been running for the last 9-10 years and preparing to give it another run..

This pending batch, batch 41, is a critical turning point for this line. If we cannot reach our lofty goal of as close as possible to zero errors, zero QC fails and completed as close as possible to the 90 day turnaround time we aim for with this batch, this could quite possibly be the last batch we ever make..

The forge are aware of how strict we need to be this time around. And to meet our customer demands, we also added a few additional optional extras to create an even more authentic, truly personalized sword..


The first optional extras have to do with the construction of the blade itself. The standard SBG Custom Katana 3.0 is a Maru Blade, that is to say the blade is made from one type of steel (T10 tool steel) with the option to have it folded 6-7 times for a traditional look and attractive hada.

But we have added two additional lamination options – SanMai and Kobuse laminations – to create the most authentic blade ever (plus, you can combine the laminated blade with folding to get it as close as possible to the forging methods used to make a real Nihonto at just a fraction of the price you would expect to pay for a complete package like this)..

As you can see, the standard blade is made from a billet of pure T10 Tool Steel, while the SanMai is T10 sandwiched between two layers of ever so slightly softer 1095 carbon steel to create a stiff, forceful cutting blade with attractive lamination lines and the Kobuse has a soft core of iron enveloped on both sides of the cutting edge by a T10 tool steel Jacket.

The Kobuse lamination is perhaps the most practical of the two choices we offer, with the softer core acting as a shock absorber to further increase overall durability, while the SanMai is more visually striking – especially when combined with folding and the clay tempered hamon that each and every sword comes with as standard..

Clay Tempered with real hamon, real SanMai Lamination and Folding for the most traditional look

In addition to these optional extras on the blade, due to popular demand we were able to secure a limited supply of 4 extremely popular premium quality Koshirae sets – including the classic ‘Hobgoblin’, the Torakami configuration and more – available for an additional $25.

The only thing remaining now is a final price confirmation and check with the forge – as the base cost of all components has increased dramatically in the last few years. But more so, the cost of shipping (which we absorb – shipping is FREE to anywhere in North America/Canada) – as well as the cost of inspecting, repackaging and reshipping each sword – has skyrocketed to the point where the special base price of $429.99 may not even be enough to break even.. (In all honesty, the base price should be closer to $600 to cover costs if something goes wrong and to pay for all the time that goes into each order)..

But we will do our best to bring it back at the old price, or as close to it as humanly possible, because I consider the SBG Custom Katana to be something of a service to the sword community.. It is not a sword that sells enough pieces to be a threat to any other sword manufacturer, but it has been fine tuned over the years to offer the absolute best bang for your buck blade possible if you have the patience to wait it out..

So stay tuned folks, I know that many people have been waiting a LOOONG time for this line to come back, and to those of you who have been patiently waiting for your chance, it is just around the corner..

– Paul

Two High End Katana – Also with a Whopping 25% Discount!

April is definitely turning out to be a good month for bargain hunters..! In addition to our current Mega Sale on the Forge Direct Chinese Line mentioned in the previous post, now thanks to the good people at Cas Iberia, we have the chance to offer you the same 25% discount on our ALREADY DISCOUNTED PRICES on two of their premium quality Katana.

The first is from Dragon King – the budget version of their T10 differentially hardened Katana line, the Hana Katana.

Normally $519 – our everyday special price is $429 with free shipping in the USA, but from now until the 3rd of May it is available for just $321 (and still has free shipping). Check out the pics to see how nicely the real hamon is done – this is easily one of the best T10 tool steel Katana on the market, and at this price is an absolute steal.

The other sword is by Hanwei – the amazing L6 Bainite Katana, the Oni..

The overall design of this sword alone makes it an excellent choice for anyone who loves high end Katana. But the real value of this sword is in the L6 Bainite Blade – along with S7 Shock Steel, L6 Bainite is about as close to indestructable as any steel ever made..

With a retail price of $1,800 – our usual low price saves you $600.. But with the 25% discount, you can pick it up for a record low price of just $899.99 – but like the Dragon King Sword, only until the 3rd of May..

Forge Direct Chinese Mega Spring Sale is Finally Here!

It took a little longer than expected to finalize the details – but we are delighted to announce that the Forge Direct Chinese Mega Spring Sale is finally here!

With 8 new models added to the line up and EVERYTHING discounted by 25% (including the new models) this is an amazing chance to get the best traditional Chinese swords spanning over 2500 years of history at the best possible price..

You can check out the entire line up, including the 8 new models, here at the store

But whatever you do, don’t let this chance pass you by. This offer is only valid until the 3rd of May, at which time all the swords will revert to their normal pricing.

Jian of Marquis Yi – Sale Extended for 3 more days..

We have had a few requests for a ‘little more time’ to purchase the limited edition Project X Jian of Marquis Yi..

So Master Xiaolong kindly extended the offer for another 3 days with a new deadline of midnight (EST) the 10th of April..

After this deadline, there will be NO additional extensions and we are not certain when we will be able to offer you this heirloom quality sword again (at the very least it will be one more year before it is offered again – at worst, this may be the LAST chance – we never really know with these limited edition Project X swords..)

As such, if you have been sitting on the fence – THIS is your final chance.

Pre-Order Yours HERE before it is too late..