Forge Direct Update 1: yay! the old koshirae sets are available again!

It has been about 6 months or so since the Chinese government, in an effort to improve air quality, took the drastic action of shutting down tens of thousands of non compliant factories, foundries and workshops across the country.

Including, as we know, all the major suppliers of koshirae (sword for fittings for Katana) who got caught up in the crackdown, severely limiting the selections available for Japanese styled swords across the board, and specifically for our Forge Direct Elite Katana series..

Well, I am pleased to say that the fittings are back, cleaner and greener than ever before!

So the silver lining caused by the previous (polluted) dark cloud over the industry means that now,the Forge Direct Katana series has more choices than EVER before, as we added a ton of solid iron tsuba made by the forge itself to make up for the loss of the work hardened copper sets.. And with the return of the original sets, it brings the number of tsuba and fuchigashira set options to over 82 different sets!

So now there is surely something to suit everyone’s taste.

Available on both the Elite Custom Katana and for the Elite Custom O-Katana – and still at no extra cost!

Goblin King Sword Destructive Testing Results..

We just added a new video to the review of the Goblin King Sword which has been done by our resident independent sword tester, Jason Woodard.

Jason put this sword through its paces and then some – proving that even though it is a fantasy design, it is 100% functional – and tougher than almost ANY other sword at the sub $300 price point.

Check it out below:

The Goblin King Sword at the SBG Store

Finally – the Blue Ito Wrap for the Aikuchi Katana is at last actually in stock!

Personally, I think that the most aesthetically pleasing combinations of colors for the Ryujin Aikuchi Custom Katana series is the navy blue ito wrap with the blue saya.

Indeed, this was the color scheme of the first Aikuchi we had made – and featured prominently on our marketing materials when we launched this line in December of 2017 (see below).

Unfortunately, when we actually launched – there were only about 2pcs in stock, any in the months following many people have been asking me when the blue one will actually be available.

Well, that time is now – we have enough stock to last us at least around 3 months, so if you wanted to create that cool blue on blue themed Aikuchi Katana, well – now you actually can..!

Click here to design your own

Ryujin Restock, New Swords and More

Recently I met up with my personal friend and business associate, Sam Sung, one of the founders of Musashi Swords,Ryujin Swords and many other well known sword and knife brands..

Quite a few of the project ideas we discussed are a bit far down the line, but there were a couple of new products that came out of the discussion that we are able to offer you right now..

The first is a general restock of our Ryujin custom swords and return of the 33″ custom O-katana – and return of the special introductory pricing of just $229.99 – the same price as the regular sized blades!

But during our discussions I also found out about two other swords that Sam has managed to source, and after some negotiation, have added the minimum markup and am offering them to you guys at pretty amazing prices..

The first of the two new swords is a basic entry level 1045 carbon steel blade in Shirasaya.

As you can see, it is a bare blade in glossy lacquered natural wood fittings – for just $74.99 PLUS you also get your choice of a free budget cleaning kit or sword stand..

And then there is one that literally blew me away, a fully functional 1060 carbon steel version of the iconic Ming Dynasty sword, the Yong Lo Sword – for just (wait for it)…


No doubt other less scrupulous sellers would be happy to offer this sword to you for $400 to $600, simply because it looks like it should sell for that much.. But that’s not the SBG way..

More products and projects are coming down the line from this auspicious meeting (indeed, it was our first meeting several years ago that led to the Ryujin Custom Katana line in the first place) so stay tuned.

But in the meantime, check out these deals and more in the Hot Specials Section..

For Quick Sale: Forge Direct Scratch and Dent King of Chu Sword

This one is priced for quick sale..

For the first time there was a mix up with one of our Forge Direct Chinese Sword orders – instead of the King of Qin Sword, our good customer was sent a King of Chu Sword – and to make matters worse, there was a discrepancy with how the hilt was finished.

Instead of this:

The hilt ended up looking like this:

Otherwise though, it is a great example of a Forge Direct 1095 carbon steel folded blade – and priced to sell as the normal price on this sword is $749.99 but this one, which is available for immediate shipping, is on offer for less than half price at just $299.99 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING.

A crazy deal for someone who is fast – if it is still available you will find it at the top of the HOT SPECIALS page.