$20 off the Tactical sword range from Scorpion Swords all month

While production costs have gone up, sales are way to sluggish this month to be sustainable. So while it’s difficult to do, we are offering a $20 discount on the 4 exclusive Tactical swords hand made by our friend Chris Palmer in Missouri, USA.

Here are the 4 SBG exclusive swords currently available with the $20 discount:

Tactical Ko Katana

Normally $284.99, now $264.99 until the end of May.

Tactical Wakizashi

Make your own Tactical Daisho by combining it with the Tactical Ko Katana. Normally $249.99, now $229.99 all month.

Tactical Leaf Blade

Leaf blade ‘Smatchet’ variant normally $269.99, now on special all month for $249.99

Tactical Gladius

Eminently practical, the close in fighting master blade that is the Tactical Gladius is normally $274.99 but now just $254.99 until the end of the month.

Great deals no matter which way you look at them and the first time these swords have EVER been discounted. So grab a bargain and support a great US blade maker at the same time.

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