A couple more Cool Budget Chinese Swords

Following on the popularity of our affordable series of attractive and functional budget Chinese swords such as the Yong Lo and the Tang Dynasty Jian are two more swords from the same forge, and available for the same low sub $200 price point (though they look like they are worth a lot more).

The first is a version of an extremely popular design we offered in the first series of Forge Direct – the Kiangxi Horsebane Sword. Below is a quick video shot at the forge showing its edge and cutting ability – certainly not bad at all for the price.

Click here for more information on the Kiangxi Horsebane

The second is one of the most common and popular Chinese sword designs, a Han Dynasty Sword. Amazing to think that these swords were in use over 2000 years ago – this version has a beautifully tempered 65mn spring steel blade and silver colored fittings for some nice and afforfable functional sword art.

Click here for more information o the Han Dynasty Chinese LongSword

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