Awesome Specials From Ryujin

Not one but THREE awesome deals from our friends at Ryujin. First up, the return of the limited edition and extremely popular Mother of Pearl Saya on the classic bo-hi or no-hi Ryujin T10 blades.

Mother of Pearl Saya Option – Just $229.99

The price, the same as it was last time, an absolutely insane price of just $229.99 (normally the saya alone would cost between $75 to $125 extra – in this case, it is basically FREE!)

The second offering is a new one – like the Mother of Pearl, the saya in question was too expensive to offer on our usual line up. But with too many in stock they need to clear: black lacquer, black rattan wrap reinforcement and a genuine buffalo horn kurikata..

Rattan Wrapped Buffalo Horn Kurikata Musashi/Bamboo – $199.99

And the price?

Just $199.99 right HERE!!

Yeah, that’s pretty crazy.. But how about $60 off the O-Katana, now just $209.99 and STILL with the free bonus items..!

The O-Katana, totally insane deal at $209.99

THAT is what I call a stock clearance sale..!

All of this and more can be found here in the HOT SPECIALS section of our site – grab them while you can for the sale ends either when the stock runs out or the end of the month, whichever comes first (and with these deals, I have a feeling that at least one of them will go from overstock to no stock well before the end of the month, so best get in while the getting is good).

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