6 New Swords added from Cold Steel

Expires Midnight Friday September 12th

Expires Midnight Friday September 12th

For many years people have been asking “why don’t you sell Cold Steel Swords at the SBG Sword Store?” – after all, they seem to be right up our alley, with a solid reputation for:

  • Blade toughness and overall durability
  • Variety (Cold Steel tend to make types of swords that few other manufacturers bother with because they are kind of “specialized”)
  • Price (well, depends where you buy them – the MSRP is, at least in my opinion, way too high. But if we could get them for a decent wholesale price – we would, as we always do, pass on the savings).

Well, I am pleased to say that the time has come – we have been able to source them at a great price, and after seeing the New Man at Arms Collection, we have kicked off with a selection of 6 of the best. As always, priced as low as we possibly can. And as always, selected by answering the basic question “would I buy these myself at this price?”..

So let’s take a quick look at what we chose!

P.S. To celebrate the new additions to the SBG Sword family, you can take $10 off each and every sword order placed between now and midnight (EST) Friday the 12th of September with the coupon code shown right! Have fun!


New Products, New Pics and SBG Sword Store Coupons To Celebrate This Weekend!

Phew, that sure is a lot of posts for one day..! Serves me right for adding so many products at once, but as some of these are truly limited in stock, I had to make sure that everyone who could benefit from these deals has a chance to see them, get the low down, and decide if they want it or if it is a pass.

In the last day or two, we have also gone over and revised most of the pics of the products we offer at the store, so now if you click on the image you get a giant, high res 1000 x 1000 pixel size image so you can really get a good look at what you might be buying.

Still some sorting, tidying up, and the like to create an even more consistent, clean and modern format – but we have come a long way, and while we price everything so it is permanently discounted about as low as we can go, with these swords we have not left enough room to be able to do this again without taking a massive hit..


THIS WEEKEND ONLY – from now until midnight Sunday the 13th of July, if you enter the coupon code (or click the link once you have finished adding everything to the cart):



(All capitals, just how you see it above – or click to activate in the checkout)

It will automatically deduct a whopping 10% from every product in the store – the only exceptions, the new products listed today and the last call on pre-orders for the Project X Dragon Dao and Jian of Marquis Yi..


For those two – and this is the LAST CALL on pre-orders before we lock them away and Master Xiaolong works his magic – you can instead use the coupon code or click below:

COUPON CODE II ($100 off a Project X Pre-Order):


To deduct $100 off your already massively discounted pre-order price of either sword.

OR, if you can swing it (and to help you swing it) order both pre-orders at the same time and use the code:

COUPON CODE III ($300 off BOTH Project X Pre-orders):


And you can take three hundred dollars of the total price – a huge saving (on a huge saving!).

Click here for more information

Click here for more information

CONDITIONS: Naturally, with a totally mad sale like this one there are no rainchecks and sorry – but these discounts cannot be applied to any orders before this blog post, nor can we send part refunds if you didn’t see the blog before you ordered something as it costs money for the team to process it (at several points, including later when we do the books) and when we discount on our already low prices, it isn’t me who is winning from it – it is you guys!

So have fun with the sale, enjoy the posts and talk to some of you very, very soon..

– Paul

P.S. to ake sense of that last enigmatic sentence, and to actually BE one of those people I will have some special follow up news for – you will need to be signed up to the store newsletter. The blog will have some specials and deals from time to time, but the only way to know – and get access to EVERYTHING is to get that email in your inbox, so if you haven’t already, sign up to the Store Newsletter NOW!!! (Don’t worry, I hate spam too, so I promise you will ONLY get the store newsletter – and it only goes out around once a month and, I think you will find, is an easy, breezy read full of stuff no-one else will ever know about..)

P.P.S. There are TWO MORE COUPON CODES for the weekend sale in the body of some of the new product related posts. So while the 10% discount code does not apply to these new listings or the Project X Pre-orders, these two additional coupon codes offer significant savings on already crazy low prices.. What am I thinking with this..? Man..

P.P.P.S. It is rare we dare to offer discounts on our low prices, and this 10% deal isn’t one we can run at the drop of a hat, so while I am sure I will be kicking myself for this later – here are a few products that I would personally be looking at to get the most bang for my buck..

Everyday Low Price: US$479.99 US$429.99

Minus WEEKEND 10% DISCOUNT CODE: US$386.99 with FREE SHIPPING (USA & Canada)

Combined Total Savings $93!

Everyday Low Price: US$499.99 US$329.99


Combined Total Savings $170!!

Everyday low price: US$475


Combined total savings.. Hmm.. $47 isn’t a bad deal – but you might want to wait for the STORE NEWSLETTER as I am feeling generous and might be able to come up with an even BIGGER DISCOUNT on this one..

Membership (and it’s 100% FREE of course) has it’s priveleges.. 🙂

Click Sir Clanks a Lot to find out the low down

Click Sir Clanks a Lot to find out the low down