Raptor Sale Over But…

Well, it is offical – the discounted Raptors are all sold out.. But there are still some great deals to be had.. Indeed, a quick look at the hot specials page reveals that the Raptors were just the tip of the iceberg for getting some serious bang for your buck..

But like the Raptors, you need to act fast or you will miss out on these deals too!

For example, we have at the time of writing this post – 4 one off, heavily discounted SBG Black Dragon forge Katana with an average discount of around $200 per sword..! (and all are with FREE SHIPPING to the USA and Canada!).

Click here to see the whole line up and for more pics and info..

Or how about the very LAST Project X Jian of Marquis Yi?


Returned by a customer who used it only for formwork but could not keep up the repayments – it in as new condition, for just $999.99 (normally $2600 if you buy in Longquan!)..

Click here for more information

OR, for those of you crying because you missed out on the Raptors – How about a deal with the same blades (literally from the Hanwei Raptor Series) at the SAME low price ($199.99) – until April 24th..?

Click here for more information

Or newly added as of today, the stunning Shashka Saber by Hanwei – down from $525 to, $249.99!! (well below the wholesale price due to overstock).

Click here for more information

Don’t miss out guys, as many of these are one off’s and the others are time limited, the clock is still ticking..!! Grab them while you can..!

All this and more on our HOT SPECIALS PAGE – WHILE STOCKS LAST!



Hanwei Raptor Blow Out Sale!


A small gap between the rayskin and the wood behind it is an extremely common cosmetic flaw for swords under the $300 price point. The main reason is, real rayskin is VERY expensive – a single skin costs around $70 and is only good for ONE full rayskin wrap or 3-4 panels (which is why you never see full wraps these days. Well, almost never. We do full wraps on Project X, but that is a different story – and a different price point!).

As such, the forges try to get the most out of every little piece of Rayskin they have – but it is not good enough for the Hanwei forges Raptor line..

So when they received a shipment with small gaps showing, they decided to offer them to SBG as factory seconds with a massive discount, and we are passing the discount directly to you!

There is NOTHING wrong with the blades or other fittings, just small gaps in the rayskin peeking out here and there. Something only visible if you look for it (after all, these models have battle wraps on the handle, so the middle section is covered anyway). But the savings are easy to see – $260 off the MSRP and $100 less than our usual already discounted price..!

So for anyone in the market for a serious Japanese style beater sword (and the Raptor series designed by James Williams are among the best of the best beaters out there) here is a rare opportunity to pick one up at a drastically reduced price point..

Two models are available, check them out below.

Click here for more info

Click here for more info

Ronin Katana and SBG Sakura Sword Sale


From the start of the month until the 11th we have been running a special $40 off sale on EVERY Dojo Pro Katana in out store to celebrate the “Sakura” Cherry Blossom season in Japan.

Well as the cherry blossoms come to a close, so does the sale.. Now there are only a few days left, and this is not the kind of sale that comes about very often. These swords are extremely popular and don’t really need a sale – but as Chris from Ronin and I are currently in Japan checking out some Japanese swords, we thought – why not..?

So don’t miss out – check out what is on offer and save! Click here for the discounted Dojo Pro line up!


A couple of hot specials for the New Year

A belated Happy New Year to you all! Trust you had a great break from the day to day grind – no doubt most of you are already back at full steam..! At SBG we didn’t really take any official time off during the holiday period, though we did slow down a bit and took a little time off here and there when we could (mostly when our suppliers and shippers did!).

Anyway, might as well start the first post for 2015 with a couple of very cool – or should I say hot – specials from our friends at the Hanwei forge to kick the year off with.

The first deal is the classic Hanwei Practical Katana – a basic but very sharp and serviceable blade that has stood the test of time, and if you have never owned one before, you won’t want to miss this deal – a chance to pick it up at BELOW WHOLESALE cost from now until the 16th of January..!

Click here for more information

And for fans of medieval swords, how about the Practical Norman sword and a FREE 9″ diameter plated buckler from GRFB? With the blunted training sword and buckler you can have some serious fun, buy three and get three sets with free shipping too!!

Click here for more information

Both of these deals are only available until Friday the 16th of January, so get in on them quick. And while you are looking for some hot specials, you might also want to check out two recent additions to our hot specials page here – the amazing value for money DaDao Chinese Warsword and the Sinbad Scimitar by Condor Knife and Tool – both selling for a crazy $84.99 each – but don’t be fooled by the price tags. These are SERIOUS cutting blades going for an insanely low price.


Probably too late for Christmas, but here’s a last minute idea..

As of today, it probably is a but too late to be doing your online sword shopping and get it in time for Christmas 2014..

Of course, it is still possible – but with the amount of parcels whizzing around the place right now, congestion is a serious problem and rush shipments of swords is one option that often ends up with broken scabbards, bashed and lost parcels, etc – which is why generally we don’t go in for it to avoid Christmas day disappointments..

So what to do if you have, like many of us, left your Christmas shopping to the last minute and don’t want to mess it up by ordering online?

parchment paperYup, why not order some SBG sword store – digitally delivered Gift Certificates!

You can order them from as little as $10 and they NEVER expire. And the other bonus is, you can let your friend or loved one choose their own gift and get EXACTLY what they wanted.

Because they never expire and because we are constantly adding new swords to the store, I would think they are the perfect Gift for Christmas!

Check them out by clicking on the pic!