Project X – Forge Direct Chinese New Year Super Sale!

Chinese New Year is coming very soon – and that means that the Forge and the Master Smiths who make our Forge Direct Series swords will shortly be downing tools and taking a break for 2-3 weeks to visit family, recharge their batteries and otherwise do everything we in the West did over the Christmas/New Years period (but for longer and on an even grander scale!).

The bad news for us is that of course any orders placed from now until they get back to work in early February on our Forge Direct Line will not have anything done on them until they get back to work. The good news is that when they do get back to work, they will be rather refreshed and keen to put hammer to anvil – and the period immediately following Chinese New Year is when the forges tend to do their best work!

And the BEST news is – to make up for the delay – any orders placed from now until the 18th of January are not only going to be the very best quality of any swords ordered this year.. But you can also save yourself 20% off the price to make up for having to wait a couple of weeks longer!


As mentioned in a previous post – we were about to and have just added THREE NEW SWORDS to the Forge Direct Line Up – and they are hitting the ground running at the best price you will see them for with the 20% off discount.

Check out the full Forge Direct Chinese line up HERE

And be sure to grab yourself a bargain while you can to start of the year of the Fire Rooster in the most auspicious way – with 2500 years of living Chinese history in your hand!

Hot Specials – 3 Hanwei Katana

This one is especially for those of you in the USA looking for a perfect last minute Christmas gift..

Not one but THREE of the best quality Katana by Paul Chens Hanwei Forge are available from now until the 1st of January 2017 at BELOW WHOLESALE pricing. Indeed, with this special the swords are the same or less than the cost of the matching Wakizashi..! But only for a limited time and while stocks last.

Here are the swords in all their glory.


The first is the Golden Oriole – a T10 Tool Steel blade with a extra long 14″ handle. MSRP is $990 and we usually sell it for $699.99 but the special price is just $539.99.


Next up, the Great Wave Katana. Also T10, with stunning Tomoe Sukashi Iron fittings. MSRP on this one is $960 and our usual everyday low price is $629.99 but now you can save just over $100 and pick it up for $527.99.


And last but definitely not least, the HWS-1S steel Lion Dog with that amazing O-Choji hamon line and stunning fittings. MSRP on this baby is $1,400 – our everyday special price is $929.99 – but just in time for Christmas you can pick it up for $769.99 – almost half the price it sells for at the official distributor with the same quality and even better service guarantees..!

Grab these bargains while you can. Check them out here on the Hot Specials Page

Christmas Special – Hanwei Wind and Thunder Daisho

wind-and-thunderThe Wind and Thunder Katana and Wakizashi are two of their most powerful cutting blades. Designed for the Dojo and with heavier and thicker blades than any other Hanwei Katana, these T10 tool steel swords are some of the best made cutters around – and normally priced between $650 to $990 for the Katana and $499 to $700 for the matching Wakizashi.

But from now until the 18th of December, just in time for Christmas, you can get them at BELOW WHOLESALE prices – just $529.99 for the Katana and $379.99 for the Wakizashi. That means you can get the Daisho set of two swords for LESS than the retail price of the Katana by itself..!

An ideal gift to take a collector to the next level of quality – these swords have it all, imported Japanese cotton ito wraps, Iron raiden god of thunder themed fittings and of course, a stunning differentially hardened T10 tool steel blade with real suguha hamon.

Check them out here in the Hot Specials Section of the Store

Christmas Special – Musashi Tsuba Ryujin Custom Katana

xmas-special-muashiJust added in time for Christmas – we have taken the same high quality differentially hardened T10 tool steel blade with bo-hi (fuller/blood groove) this line is famous for, added a Miyamoto Musashi style solid iron tsuba and given you the choice of 8 tsuka ito colors and 5 saya options to create your own design – saving you $50 off the usual price!

Assembled and shipped out within a week, it is the last guaranteed opportunity to get these custom swords before Christmas, so why not get it for $199.99 instead of $249.99?

EXCLUSIVELY available as a Christmas Special and scheduled to be discontinued after 7 days, get these while you can..


Hanwei Pre-Christmas Katana Sale!

It is getting awfully close to that crazy time of year again.. And the old motto – “the early bird gets the worm” has never been more appropriate..

From today until the end of the month (and while stocks last) Paul Chens Hanwei Forge are offering deep discounts on some of their most popular fully functional Katana, and as usual – SBG is passing on the savings to you..

hanwei-saleThere are 6 swords being offered at 50% off the MSRP – two of which you can save literally hundreds of dollars on..

The first, and the one that you need to pay the closest attention to – is the Hanwei 30th Anniversary Musashi Katana

sh2490_1Being a limited edition release with high quality, properly folded steel and real hamon, and now down to less than a dozen swords available, it is being cleared out at not $1300 but half price at $649.99 (which, is a true bargain – until Hanwei offered this final closeout price, they would sell at SBG for $879.99 – so that is a saving of over $220 from our previously already hugely discounted price).

Being a commemorative, highly collectible sword – once it is gone it is gone forever, so it is the last chance on this one..

The second high end, heavily discounted sword is also a Miyamoto Musashi themed blade – the razor sharp, specialized tatami cutter Musashi XL Lite Katana.


This sword has a MSRP of $950 and our usual price is $599.99 – but until the end of the month and while stocks last you can pick it up from SBG for just $474.99 – a saving of $475 than if you purchased at CAS Iberia and $125 from our usual ‘make no profits’ discounted price..!

And then there are all 4 swords from the monotempered 5160 Spring Steel blade Renshu series for the sub $300 market (well, they are usually $400, but we usually sell for $259.99). sh2486

Every sword in the Renshu series is now available for $45 off our everyday low price – but only until the end of the month.

Click here for all these and more in our Hot Specials Section of the SBG Sword Store..