Kingston Arms Restock

And the new Landsknecht Katzbalger

When it comes to quality replicas of historical European Swords, Kingston Arms has made quite a splash in the entry to mid level market. With swords designed by none other than the legendary Angus Trim himself, these blades have an emphasis on proper balance, handling and construction and considering almost all their swords are priced just above or just below $300 makes them, offer some remarkable value for money.

As such, we are very pleased to advise that we have restocked two of their most popular models – the Oakeshott Type XIV Arming Sword and the more recent addition, the beautiful yet utilitarian Renaissance Side Sword

PLUS, we also added a new model to the line up – the brutal side arm of the fearsome German mercenary Landsknechts, half mad and fearless warriors for hire whose appearance on the battlefield could and often did turn the tide of the conflict – the Katzbalger.

If you are not familiar with who they were and what they did, this brief video provides at least a rough outline:

Anyway, while the pike was their primary melee weapon the Katzbalger (cat skinner!) was their ultimate backup. Stout, powerful and capable of generating enough force to break the haft of an enemy pikeman it’s a powerful cutter and is for the most part quite historically accurate in appearance and handling (though modern steel being as good as it is, it is actually probably considerably BETTER than the originals)..

Normal price for this new sword is $369.99 but we are offering it for just $289.99 with FREE SHIPPING. Stock is limited so if you are looking to add something very cool and unique to your collection, grab one while they are still available.


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