Limited Restock of a few Hot Items

As shipping chaos continues to prevent most of our suppliers from being able to restock as they have in previous years, we will take any good news we can muster. And while this limited restock is VERY limited – to just a handful of items and with very low stock levels (about a dozen swords for each model restocked) the color and variety these popular items add to our selection will pretty much guarantee that they will not remain in stock for very long..

So without any further hoo-ha, here is what has come back to the shelves in limited quantities..

65MN Spring Steel Tiberius Maintz Gladius

The fittings are based on a famous historical example – the blade, a very clean length of 65mn spring steel and the price, still just $129.99 despite increasing price pressure..

The Kiangxi Horsebane

Not just horses would fear this meaty chopper – pretty much anything you put in front of it had better get out of the way or risk getting swept aside with just one of its powerful chops or cuts. Check out the video below of the Kiangxi in action while being tested at the forge in Longquan.

And finally, for those of you longing for and missing the discontinued Cheness Oniyuri – we bring you the budget alternative with a differentially hardened 1060 carbon steel blade:

Ryujin 1060 Carbon Steel Differentially Hardened Shinobigatana

Doesn’t get much better than these – and while we have had to shrink our margins to the tightest and lowest profits ever, this time at least we avoided a price rise. But with so much demand, freight prices almost doubling and the inability to restock continuing with no end in sight, it is only a question of time before we have no choice but to pass on the cost increases – so get getting while the getting is good!

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