Medieval Restock and a new Scottish Claymore

Starting the month with a restock of popular swords – probably the most notable is the restock of the A.P.O.C. Survival Longsword – which was notably absent from the recent A.P.O.C. sale, and probably would have dominated the fairly lackluster sale we just finished a few days ago as this newest sword in the series has easily become the most popular in the A.P.O.C. line up:

Hanwei also added in some previously unavailable Tinker Pearce designed medieval swords back into the mix, including the Great Sword of War and the Bastard sword and Bastard Sword with fuller:

But most notably, we start the month with a new entry from Kingston Arms that may well be the most authentic and best made affordable production Claymore ever seen – the aptly named, Kingston Arms Scottish Claymore:

Seeing the writing on the wall for the sword industry this year, Kingston Arms have opted to use a more inexpensive to work with steel – rather than 9260 spring steel (which is used on all the other Kingston Arms swords to date) they have opted for 65mn Spring Steel. But this means that this sword is the first in their medieval line up to be able to be offered for sub $300 (MSRP is $389, but by squeezing our margins we can bring it to you for just $274.99).

Awesome value, and as functional as they come and then some.

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