Megasale Ending in 48 hours

Right now the SBG Sword Store is having a bit of a ‘mega-sale’.

If you read the most recent blog posts, you will see a ton of new products and special offers all happening at the same time, from the special price extension on the Seraph Aegis, to the 25% discount on all Forge Direct Chinese Swords, to batch 45 of the SBG Custom Katana – and much, much more (for example, the DSA Fantasy Sword closeout, Ryujin Daisho Special, New RK Euros, Custom Saya by Guy Gilchrist, Full medieval sword restock at Hanwei, etc)..

Thus, with so many great offers available all at once, we have called it a mega-sale, but the special limited time offers all end midnight EST the 12th of February – around 48 hours from now..

Check out what is on offer at the front page of the SBG Sword Store – the clock is ticking..

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