New Doomsday Line by Jason Woodard and Scorpion Swords

If you have been around SBG for any length of time you will surely be familiar with our friend and official sword tester, Jason Woodard. Here’s one of his most recent videos on YouTube where he put two of our latest SBG exclusive Scorpion Sword designs through the wringer to see how they held up..

But Jason is more than just a sword tester – his first design many years ago was the sword from the movie ‘Sleepy Hollow’ – and in the years that followed, he has designed several swords for Darksword Armory – including the Vampire themed Carpathian Sword.

Jason’s Carpathian Sword

Needless to say, having tested so many swords of all types over the years, Jason has a very firm grasp on what makes a good sword and what to avoid. And now in this new collaboration with Scorpion Swords he has taken all these years of experience and distilling it into his own line of swords, the Doomsday Line..

The first in the series is known simply as Sword #01.

It starts off like all Scorpion Swords as thick sheet of 1095 carbon steel that is cut to shape.

From this sword blank, it is then painstakingly ground to shape by hand, heat treated and the wooden handle, in this case made from premium quality Walnut Wood, affixed in place with a series of internal pins, gorilla glue and three additional heavy pins to ensure that the handle will NEVER become even remotely loose no matter how hard you use and abuse it.

And the end result? A very powerful two handed blade weighing over 3lbs but with a point of balance just slightly over an inch from where the handle begins, the perfect combination of power, durability, speed and maneuverability.

Not to mention, grade A intimidation factor (and the ability to seriously damage any other standard blade that might get in its way).

Considering all the work that went into it and the fact that its hand made in the USA, the $279.99 price tag makes it an absolute steal..

Check it out for yourself here

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