NEW from Red Dragon Armory – High Quality, Low Priced Unsharpened Training Swords

If you are going to make mistakes practicing HEMA (and when you are just starting out, you will by default make a LOT of mistakes) it makes sense to minimize your personal risk by training with an unsharpened sword.

If you look at some of the standard basic HEMA Longsword drills it is easy for a beginner to forget to move a leg back out of the way, clip their shoulder or thigh when performing a flourish or otherwise get injured by training with a sharpened sword. Just look at the video below and imagine how many accidents and close calls it would take until the level of speed and technique shown is reached.

Of course, there are already quite a few nice steel and synthetic training swords already on the market – and we list what we feel are the best ones right here in the training tools section of our store.

But today we are delighted to announce 3 new options for HEMA practitioners designed by Sword expert David Rawlings in the UK and his company, Red Dragon Armoury.

INTRODUCING – the Red Dragon Unsharpened Combat Sword Line

All of the swords in this line have several things in common.

All are made from hard wearing EN42J steel, tempered with a core HRC of approx 45 and an outer hardness of HRC50. All are styled forged guards and pommels constructed from steel, and wooden grips that are masterfully wrapped in leather cord. And all come with attractive wood core, leather bound scabbards including an integrated belt and suspension system that is worth the price of admission for that alone!

From here though, each of the three swords is quite different. The first is the most purpose-built, with a thick 2mm edge and rounded safety tip and is called the Combat Hand-and-a-half-Sword

The second, called the Combat Temple Church Sword, is the most ornate and is based on a 14th century Templar Sword found in the river Thames and features more ornate decorations and embellishments than the other two and has a narrower 1.5mm edge.

And finally, the Combat Bastard Sword with a much thinner 1mm edge. This is the kind of sword that you could train with as a blunt and, because it is made from good steel, can later be sharpened if so desired.

The MSRP price on these swords is $300 for the Hand and a Half and the Bastard Sword, and $390 for the more ornate Church Temple Sword. But as usual we have offered them at a special discounted introuctory price of just $229 and $284 respectively!

Check out all these are more in the Training Swords & Gear section of our store by clicking the link below:

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