Project X – Completed Custom Sword Example

The original swords from Project X Japanese were and still are what we feel are well balanced and aesthetically pleasing designs – but with the ability to customize them it’s possible to create a truly unique, one of a kind personalized sword using one of this swords as a base.

One of our most popular swords is Model # 006 (the Dragon Blade) as it has a wide range of very attractive and original themed Koshirae (fitting sets: Tsuba, Fuchi, Kashira and Menuki) as well as great looking saya.

Mixing and matching just a few of the components and we get, well – we get this stunning original sword designed by one of our customers from the first trial run of 20 swords..

Click any of these pics for a very high resolution image:

$1000 Price Tag, all inclusive
Sword and Saya
Side view of the fittings and blade
Now THAT is what a geometric kissaki should look like
1 Full Day of Polishing
The stunning interplay between the lamination, the hamon and in this case, folded steel
Substantial and thick tsuka due to the use of a FULL rayskin wrap
Close up of the Buffalo horn Koiguchi and Kurikata with premium sageo
The Gold Leaf, Double Lacquered Saya
Bottom half of saya with gold leaf and buffalo horn kojiri
Close up of the blade showing the bo-hi (fuller) option
Side view shows the hamon pattern
Great choice of tsuba and fittings
The classic Samurai warning, a partially drawn blade..
Great choice of Menuki (handle ornament) and vibrant fittings.
The use of Hishigami (paper triangles) is time consuming and expensive, but when combined with alternating wrap and full rayskin results in the tightest fit possible
A couple of final glamor parting shots
And that’s all folks

While the first run of 20 swords is taking just a little longer than we anticipated – as you can see from the pics above they are well worth the wait..

Another trial run will commence as soon as the last sword from the first trial is safely delivered. To be informed of when they are next available – as well as get access to several special deals and offers not available to non-subscribers, sign up to the Exclusive Project X Newsletter Below.

In the meantime, you can see all the current main designs and custom options HERE with 2-3 NEW models in the works behind the scenes..

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