Restock#2 – Ryujin Swords

Full Restock of the $229.99 Ryujin Custom Sword Series

A lot of people have been waiting for this FULL restock of our wildly popular SBG/Ryujin Custom Katana line – and I am pleased to say that it has just landed and that ALL components of the Custom Katana series, including the Solid bodied blade version, are once again available:

Additionally, a couple of non-custom Ryujin swords also restocked at the same time, namely the $149.99 65MN Spring Steel Blade Two handed Tang Dynasty Silver Jian pictured below:

And the very reasonably priced ($69) Classic Ninjato from the 1045 carbon steel ‘art swords’ line:

Still more restocks (and some NEW swords) pending, so stay tuned everyone! September is definitely restock month…!

In the meantime:

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