Restock#3 – Kingdom of Arms

More than just a restock..

You may remember that earlier this month we gave you a glimpse at one of the latest swords designed by Clyde Hollis’s latest venture, Kingdom of Arms – the Irish Kern Sword..

Funnily enough, as it turns out, the KERN will have to be restocked next time as only a couple were ordered and are already spoken for. Indeed as far as restocks go – out of the four products we had initially listed, 3 have been restocked – the Crecy Sword and the Maintz Gladius

And the third, the Celtic Leaf Blade War Sword..


But rather than just being a restock, it is an EXPANSION and ESTABLISHMENT of their line – and its very cool to see some premium quality, battle ready replicas made by the fine artisans at Blade Culture International in the Philippines again!

So let’s have a look at the new swords – and it is refreshing to see some truly awesome looking historical designs, from Ancient Rome to the Knights Templar..

The oldest sword, apart from the Celtic blade, is the Iberian Falcata – a true timeless classic.


The basic design clearly very ‘natural’ as the basic shape and concept has resurfaced independently time and time again. For example, the Greek Kopis, and of course, the Gurkha Kurkri which has also been replicated by Kingdom of Arms and BCI..


Anyway, getting back to a more ‘chronological’ order – the Roman counterpart to the Falcata is the Hispaniensis Roman Mainz Gladius and when you add all their various Gladius designs together, it almost immediately makes Kingdom of Arms one of the leading makers of Fully Functional, truly battle ready versions of Roman Gladii replicas on the planet!


Following the trail of history, there were a few samples of a Viking Sword – though not enough to put in stock this round (But here it is for future reference).

Still following a historical timeline, we enter the era of the Holy Wars and Crusades with a powerful arming sword – the Crusader Medieval War Sword


It is one powerful and rather hefty long 33″ bladed sword that only the strongest dare to wield – but it counterbalanced in every way, from early Crusades to the end with the Last Crusader Medieval Longsword a beautifully crafted Oakeshott XVIIIa Longsword with black wire wrapped handle.


And finally, a blade that is STILL an important part of Scottish Culture and tradition to this day, the Sgian Dubh


Like we said, this one is more than just a restock – the Kingdom of Arms has arrived.

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