SBG Custom Katana Update

Batch 43 of the SBG Custom Katana is now in the very final stages of completion and is scheduled to ship out from the forge around the 25th of July. Below is a quick pic that the forge took of some of the swords from this batch – looking good even if I do say so myself..

Of course, once shipped from the forge they need to clear customs, who have become extremely pedantic and hard to deal with of late – and then once cleared they need to be carefully inspected before shipping out, so at this stage it is looking that they will be delivered to their owners in early to mid August – which of course means that we will not be taking new orders (batch 44, the last for the year) until after they are out..

Indeed, we actually recently received a shipment of Black Dragon Swords from the same forge, some real classics that we have not seen for years, but will not be listing them for sale until the custom Katana from Batch 43 are shipped out as a courtesy to the customers who are waiting on them.. And customs was REALLY hard on this shipment, charging us unprecedented fees which we really cannot afford to absorb, but even if we make a loss again on the custom Katana (which is likely the case) we do this as a service to the community so we have to grin and bear it..

Anyway, in the meantime here is a sneak preview of the Black Dragon Forge Swords..

As stated though, we won’t be selling these until after batch 43 is clear – but thought you might enjoy seeing a sneak preview of what is coming next month..

Talk to you all again soon.

– Paul

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