Limited International Ordering is Back..

It’s been a rough year for shipping swords around the world – it all started in march and hit again early this month, forcing us to temporarily suspend all non-North American (US and Canada) shipments..

The situation is still a fluid one, and it appears that some of our affiliated warehouses, suppliers and shippers have been effected more than others..

Right now there are FOUR brands that can be shipped to the following destinations:

  • Argentina
  • Australia (excluding Victoria, please provide proof of AFIAK membership)
  • Brazil (expect high duties and tariffs)
  • Canada (many other brands can be shipped to Canada not listed here as they are shipped overland)
  • Costa Rica
  • Germany (may require extensive paperwork and customs delays)
  • New Zealand
  • Philippines
  • Poland
  • South Africa
  • Thailand
  • United Kingdom (may require extensive paperwork and customs delays)

And here are the brands currently available:

FORGE DIRECT – Japanese and Chinese Swords, FREE Worldwide Shipping

RYUJIN SWORDS – Katana, Custom Katana and budget Chinese Swords

BLADE CULTURE INTERNATIONAL – Filipino swords (currently)

SCORPION SWORDS – Tactical and Historical swords made in the USA

You can read more and see some recommended buys here on the International Sword Sales Page

As the international shipping situation keeps changing, we strongly recommend you buy what you can when you can as we have no idea if things will improve or get worse – but based on what we have been seeing the last few years, the situation is likely to get worse before it gets better..

In the meantime, we will continue to research new shipping options to break the impasse and ensure that our sword loving brothers and sisters across the world are not left out in the cold..

Hark the Heralds: Doomsday Sword # 02 Has Struck..

The second sword in the Doomsday Sword Series designed by official SBG Sword Tester Jason Woodard and hand made in the USA by Chris Palmer from Scorpion Swords has just been revealed.. And she, the Dark Ninjato, is a beauty..

With it’s distinct ‘American Tanto’ tip, the Dark Ninjato is primarily a thrusting sword but can also be used for snap cuts, slicing, cutting and hacking pretty much anything that gets in it’s way..

Here’s some ‘behind the scenes’ of how it was made

Jason Woodard is a prolific sword designer. In his spare time he often spends hours drawing all manner of swords on 1:1 scale, and has imagined literally hundreds of unique and cool looking swords that only exist on paper…

The initial design concept

But as we have seen many times before, while Jason may be a great sword designer, Chris Palmer at Scorpion Swords takes those designs and makes them a reality..

The process begins with a bar of 1095 carbon steel which is ground and cut to shape before it is tempered and hardened to give it the durability Scorpion Swords have become famous for.

Tempered and ready for the final grind
Now THAT is what you call full tang..
10 Pins and a generous layer of epoxy effectively makes it a one piece construction
Apocalypse or not, there ain’t no way this thing is going to come apart..

The end result? An incredibly tough sword that is almost unbreakable – all hand made in the USA – for under $300..

Blued (blackened) blade with the classic American Tanto Tip

Can’t ask for much more than that?! Click the button below for more information.

P.S. With Christmas right around the corner, you need to get your order in now and even then it not 100% guaranteed to be completed in time. But we will do our best – but wait even a few days more and you won’t see it until 2020 hits..

Get Apocalypse Ready TODAY!

Ronin Katana Euro Line – New Version of the Model # 008 Beowulf

As most of you will know, Ronin Katana’s European line of swords has been well received by sword collectors, HEMA groups and sword community in general. All our barely sold above cost price, truly amazing bang for your buck.

But now many of the old classics are getting an upgrade, and for $15 more you get a sword that looks considerably more attractive, handles better, and has a genuine leather handle wrap.

Here’s a look at them side by side.

Better leather grip, greatly improved distal taper
No MAJOR differences in the scabbards, but there are subtle improvements.

And some pics of the handles – the original first, which was criticized for being too long and uncomfortable and then the new improved version.

First Generation Design
More ergonomic grip with improved leather wrap

Now let’s take a look at the raw stats.

The original version had the following basic statistics:

  • Blade length: 29.92 inches
  • Handle length:4.33 inches
  • Width: 1.97 inches
  • Thickness .028 inches
  • Weight 2 pounds 9.5 oz

The new version, in addition to a genuine leather wrapped handle, has some distal taper, from 5.8mm at the base to 3mm by the time the tip is reached lightening the blade from 2lbs 9.5oz to 2lbs 8.9 oz and shortening the grip slightly so it is more in line with historical examples.

Great to see this line go from strength to strength..

SIDE NOTE and PSA: Cheap and nasty copies using what appear to be the same fittings, scabbards and blades are staring to appear online priced somewhere near the $164 price point with what look like the EXACT same fittings, blades, everything..

Problem is, they are made by a company that I will not list here by name but in the past has been caught out selling swords made in China with faked certificates and even engravings ‘made in Seki City, Japan’ and are essentially copies of the first generation of Ronin Katana Euro swords that went horribly, horribly wrong (welded tangs, soft 1045 carbon steel blades, mild steel cast fittings, really cheap ‘pleather’ etc) and were liqutated and have become the reliable, respectable sword brand that they are today.

I strongly suggest if you stumble upon these knockoff versions made by a company that clearly has NO ethics whatseover you avoid them like the plague.

Custom Katana Fans – the time has come..

Okay, I’ve been working around 14 hours straight with only coffee and the occasional snack to keep me going, but we made it..

Project X Japanese is live and ready to order. Indeed, subscribers to the Project X newsletter have already jumped in and out of the 30 pre-order spots available, 20% have already been snapped up!

We only just opened and already have reached 20% of our total order capacity

And then, the one that gave me the biggest headache – changing the pricing and options on Forge Direct Japanese. After much number crunching, some prices are slightly higher than we anticipated and others slightly lower, but when you consider what you can get for your money with even the basic options, well – the value for money factor is off the charts..

In addition to this however, I have also been spending countless hours creating pages explaining all about the two product lines, both the pros and the cons of each, and then a mammoth of a page for Forge Direct here which lists full size images of all the available components so you never have to squint to figure out what the design looks like again.

For your ease of reference, here are the new relevant pages:

Forge Direct – overview

Forge Direct – all the components, huge images

Project X – Overview (just written today)

Project X – component pics

Project X – large images from various angles of the elite fitting sets

These pages are not 100% complete yet and will need to revamp the page about the differences between the various custom lines we have and create a few more helpful pages, as the more info you have, the easier it is to make a clear decision right?

So enjoy the new prices, products and sword buying opportunities. Like I said, its not perfect yet – there’s still more tweaking to do – but right now even coffee number 18 won’t keep me up any longer, time for a rest and then we get back into it! Phew..

If you notice any errors, PLEASE contact me directly so I can fix them. I will be going over everything a second and third time, but as a typical male can quite easily miss small details that are glaringly obvious to a casual visitor but completely invisible to me because I am seeing what I expect to see, not necessarily what is actually there.

Now its over to you.

Have a look at both lines and see what you think. It’s been a lot of hard work, but I stake my reputation on both of these swords as being some of the best if not THE best custom Katana anywhere near the under-priced point we are offering them for..

Time for a little nap and then straight back into it so that I can be ready for business as usual on Monday. Hope you like what you see – it’s been months in the making, and with so many different options available all based on the very best Katana around, I’m pretty sure it won’t be all that hard to make a design from one series or the other that you will fall in love with..

Talk again soon!

Game of Thrones Inspired Works at Darksword Armory

It started with the Wolfsbane, then the High King Sword – but the two most recent GoT inspired creations have taken it to another level..

Well, one of them has taken it to the highest level – with a one off, one time 1:1 scale replica of ‘the Iron Throne’.

Count ’em if you can, 112 blades – all 5160 Spring Steel!

Only one has and will be made, and with a $15,000 price tag, it might be a while before it finds its final home. But there can be no denying they did and amazing job of replicating it.

And then there is another sword, this time a hybrid of fact and fantasy – a sword never seen in the series, but attributed to one of the most important characters, Daenerys and called the Mother of Dragons Sword

The owner of Darksword Armory, Eyal Azerad, has travelled extensively to museums around the world and was inspired by this particular blade he saw at the Wallace Collection in London (see below, click for the full size image)

The original the design is based on

In the video below, Eyal explains how it all came about, how it feels in the hand and what made them decide on its final form.

As you can see, they pulled it off very, very well..

Just $485 with the works at the SBG Sword Store

As is always the case, the SBG Sword Store offers the best deal on this blade – normally the price is $510 for sharpening and the Deluxe scabbard plus shipping and 15% sales tax for Canadian customers. But at SBG you can get it with all the bells and whistles, no sales tax and FREE SHIPPING for just $485!

Check it out below in the New Products section.