Hanwei/Cas Iberia Restock!

It is that time of year again, when Cas Iberia – arguably the largest distributor of swords in the world – gets in a container load or two of functional swords from their suppliers..

And this time around, a ton of popular swords that have not been restocked in ages are once again available to purchase.

Probably the most popular one, and the one that ALWAYS sells out the fastest, is the amazing Tinker Pearce Longsword (pictured below).

Insanely good value at just $229.99

Honesty, we really should raise the price on these as clearly demand far outstrips supply – but that’s not the SBG way, so you just need to get in quick.

Another couple of fast sellers are the awesome Ninjato replicas – the Iga and the Kouga Ninjato by Paul Chen..

And then there is one that I honestly can’t remember how many years it has been since it was restocked – so long that I pretty much thought it had been discontinued – and that is the Ox-Tail Dao, a very nifty Chinese Broadsword with brass fittings and amazing cutting action for such a low priced, single handed blade..

Priced to sell at just $199.99

And then there is the amazingly historically accurate Hanwei Cawood Sword, the super tough Claymore, the Mercenary Sword (which I recently discovered is actually a rare and quite accurate replica of the hard to find Oakeshott Type XX Longsword) – all of these to be had for well under $300..

Or how about the classic Shinto Katana, or the L6 Bainite Praying Mantis Katana, or the – well, okay – you get the idea.. Just excited to see a lot of these swords restocked again. 🙂

And if you are too, well – check them all out here..

Hanwei Forge Swords at the SBG Sword Store

New: FREE Custom Options Added to All Scorpion Swords!

Exclusive to SBG – now when you order one of the ancient or fantasy inspired almost indestructible hand made in the USA swords from Scorpion Swords you get four new custom options for each and every sword in the line up!

Don’t like the black blade of our SBG designed Tactical Ko Katana? No problem! Customize it and select either a 2 toned black and steel color or just plain ‘silver’ (steel). Or want to change the black Mircarta wooden handle to bloodwood, walnut or maple? No problem there either you can do that too!

How about a lanyard hole to attach a lanyard? With or without, its up to you (Lanyard not included).

And the best part is, all the customization options are FREE (and no hidden price rise to cover it either)! Just select what you would like using the dropdown selections when you order and have it made YOUR way..!

And Speaking of Scorpion Swords..

Their Ancient Khopesh Sword of the Pharaoh recently made a guest appearance on ‘Elementary’ by CBS starring Johnny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Liu as ‘Watson’.

They actually requested that the sword be sent to them unsharpened for their story line (an option you can select now too!) – but what they ended up doing with it surprised everyone..

See the highlights from its ‘cameo’ role in the video below.

Now imagine what the damage would have been like if they used the regular sharpened one..

Some more pics of that $199.99 Yong Lo Sword..

I have lost count of the number of emails from people who have requested some additional pics of the $199 Yong Lo Sword we are currently offering in the hot specials section of our store..

Quite a few have wondered if, considering the level of detail in the brass fittings of the hilt and scabbard and the extremely low price, that it is going to a bit ugly or something has to be wrong..

But I will let the pictures do the talking..

All this,with a fully functional sharpened 1060 carbon steel blade for $199.99 it is no wonder some people are skeptical..

But as you can see, this is the real deal, and stock is limited – so get in on this deal while you can..

1060 Carbon Steel Yong Lo Sword with Brass Fittings

Goblin King Sword Destructive Testing Results..

We just added a new video to the review of the Goblin King Sword which has been done by our resident independent sword tester, Jason Woodard.

Jason put this sword through its paces and then some – proving that even though it is a fantasy design, it is 100% functional – and tougher than almost ANY other sword at the sub $300 price point.

Check it out below:

The Goblin King Sword at the SBG Store

Finally – the Blue Ito Wrap for the Aikuchi Katana is at last actually in stock!

Personally, I think that the most aesthetically pleasing combinations of colors for the Ryujin Aikuchi Custom Katana series is the navy blue ito wrap with the blue saya.

Indeed, this was the color scheme of the first Aikuchi we had made – and featured prominently on our marketing materials when we launched this line in December of 2017 (see below).

Unfortunately, when we actually launched – there were only about 2pcs in stock, any in the months following many people have been asking me when the blue one will actually be available.

Well, that time is now – we have enough stock to last us at least around 3 months, so if you wanted to create that cool blue on blue themed Aikuchi Katana, well – now you actually can..!

Click here to design your own