New Two Handed Medieval Swords from Ronin Just Landed

Following hot on the heels of the extremely popular Crusader Longsword – Ronin have just released 3 new two handed swords with Deluxe scabbard upgrades – and they are looking absolutely gorgeous!

The new models – models 1 to 3 (which supersede the long discontinued first versions of that were given the same model numbers) – are all top quality 1075 carbon steel blades ready to cut straight out of the box.

So let’s take a quick look at them shall we?

Model # 1: $349.99

Model One is a beast of a sword, and even with double fullers running down to the center of percussion, this 3lb 9oz Longsword is not for the faint of heart. Visually stunning, it is complimented and counter balanced by a thick fish tail pommel.

Model #2: $324.99

Model Two is perhaps the most traditional of the lot – weighing in at 2lbs 13oz – and with a clean central fuller also running to the CoP.

Model #3: $424.99

This two hander is an ABSOLUTE BEAST of a thing and a whole lot of steel for your money. Indeed, the sheer bulk of the extra wide (3.2″ a the base) blade (a whopping 4lbs 11oz) is the main reason for its higher price, and if you like super sturdy swords with considerable blade presence, this two hander is for YOU!

Check all the currently available models here

But don’t be too slow to pull the trigger on these, stocks are limited and understandably, they are very popular – so may sell out sooner than you might expect..

A few more Ryujin customization options..

Just a few additional customization options for the full custom versions of the Ryujin series..

First off, a new saya – a blueish ‘forest green’ that is subtle enough to work with the green or blue tsuka ito handle colors, brown black or even white (though probably not purple or red, though to each his own – that is the BEAUTY of the custom katana concept, right?).

And then a couple more choices for tsuba, both gold gilded – the first perhaps the most traditional – a crane and a cherry blossom tree (what could be more Japanese really)..

And at the opposite end of the spectrum, for those who prefer a bolder, brasher center piece of their sword – a Bamboo Tiger and Samurai warrior themed tsuba!

You can find these have all been added to the available options on the original Custom Katana no-hi, Custom Katana with bo-hi and Elite Choji Hamon versions of the Ryujin custom Katana, and as usual the price remains the same..!

Check them out, and our current hot Ryujin limited edition sword specials in the Ryujin section of our store here.

Forge Direct – Work in Progress Update

Just something a little different with today’s post – some progress pics from the master smiths at Forge Direct who have been back from Chinese New Year holidays for a couple of weeks now and are well and truly making good progress on the orders received from the recent mega sale.

First off, a picture of the forge itself – all fired up and making blades around the clock.

Next up, a picture of one of the raw billets of steel, this particular billet to be folded to produce one of the Chinese Jians we offer in the series.

And after folding, the blade is skillfully drawn out to full length by one of the Master Smiths.

And finally, once the Master has finished his work – it is sent over to a certified Master Polisher, who cleans it all up, hones the edge and brings it to life..

The polishing alone is very labor intensive, each sword is hand polished for up to 10 hours starting with coarse and ending with refined grits – which adds considerably to the cost of the sword, but is worth every penny paid..

So anyway, just thought you might be interested in a sneak peak behind the scenes at what is going on.

It is full steam ahead – and very good to see after 2017 which was a very difficult year for the sword industry, and traditional Chinese swords in particular.

Talk to you all again soon!

  • Paul

Limited Release – 3 New Swords from the Legendary Swords Project!

We have already seen one early bird release ahead of the scheduled beta launch of our dedicated Battle Ready Fantasy Sword website, the Legendary Swords Project – Odin’s Oar by John Lundemo and KC Lund..

But at $2750, it is outside the range of the average sword buyer. So here are some offerings for everyone else..!


The first three swords from the Legendary Swords series by Scorpion Swords!

As this is a limited release ahead of the launch of the official site, there are ONLY 10 PCS OF EACH DESIGN AVAILABLE TO PRE-PURCHASE. Once we have reached 10 orders of each design, then they will not be available again until the site is officially launched.

So here they are for you early birds out there – 3 extremely tough, hard wearing 1095 carbon steel blades designed by members of the SBG community..


The Early Aeultian Gladius: $329.99

The magical sidearm of the Aelutian Imperial Legionnaires, this sword was in use for over 2000 years. The legend of this sword is that it is made from ‘Coronatite’, is nearly indestructible and has armor piercing qualities – which isn’t far from the reality of this tough, hard wearing Fantasy Gladius..

Click here for more information


Sword of the Goblin King $284.99

This wicked, spiky, mean sword with dark moon glyphs looks like any other Goblin sword in Eletreus. But this poisoned blade made from ‘Goblin Steel’ belongs to the notorious and mysterious Goblin King of Shamble Island and has been enchanted by powerful and sinister Goblin magic. Click here for the designers hands on review.

Click here for more information

The Orc Kings War Cleaver

The Orc Kings War Cleaver $284.99

In the broken Kingdom of Thane, the Orcs rise again. This time, the tribes are united by a powerful Orc Warlord in league with an ancient evil – and in his hands is THIS powerful chopping blade, thirsty for blood and slaughter, the only thing the Orcs excel in..

Click here for more information

Priced to sell and with limited availability, this is a great chance to grab a piece of SBG history before the official launch of the Legendary Swords website.

So enjoy folks – these truly are original BATTLE READY fantasy sword designs that we hope will spark a new trend in the sword industry!

– Paul

NEW From Kingston Arms, the Renaissance Side Sword

It has been many years since the sword industry has been robust enough to offer something a bit different than a new Katana, medieval Longsword or even a new medieval arming sword. Almost all other designs simply do not sell well enough for the industry to take a risk..

But Kingston Arms are giving it a red hot go with a new Renaissance Side Sword design based on an Original German sword that ticks all the boxes.

  • It is sharp – and makes for a great cut and thrust design
  • It is robust – 5160 Spring Steel blade with the overall durability Kingston Arms have become famous for
  • It is beautiful – from the partially fullered blade to the complex swept hilt design
  • And it is economical – at $369 – though even more affordable at SBG for just $289.99 and includes FREE SHIPPING!

Truly a stunning, fast and responsive design – this is a must for every sword collector who is sick of seeing the same old same old..

Click for more information

Now if you will excuse me, it is time to get back to my so called vacation.. 🙂

P.S. In addition to this new sword by Kingston Arms, Cas Iberia have restocked a lot of the popular Hanwei Forge Swords by Paul Chen, including one of my favorite cutters due to its speed, low price and extremely keen edge, the $189.99 Chinese Gongfu Dao.. Check out everything that is available in the Hanwei section here – we list all the items that are in stock first and everything out of stock towards the bottom, so no need to scoll all the way down the page unless you really, really want to..