Scorpion Swords Pre-Orders Paused

Just a quick update to let you all know that we just reached the quota of pre-orders that Chris can comfortably fulfil on the Scorpion Swords Tactical Ko Katana.

As such, no more pre-orders can be placed until existing orders have been fulfilled over the coming 5-7 weeks or so.

So in the meantime, the sword has been moved to the sword archive here and we will be letting everyone know via the store newsletter and here on the blog when they are available to order again.

Looking forward to getting them out to you all!

Scorpion Swords Tactical Ko Katana – NOW Taking Pre-Orders..!

The full review, testing results and background info on this project have just been added to the main site here

And the sword itself is ready to order below..

Click here for more info

For those of you who have been waiting for this one – need we say more? For anyone new, if you like ‘evolution of the sword’ kind of projects, you need to see this project asap as availability is limited, and Chris Palmer from Scorpion swords can only make so many before we will need to pause taking new orders. So get in while you can..

Two Wrongs (the double oops)..

I had to retract a recent post about the new Kingston Arms swords designed by Angus Trim that arrived just before the weekend – as not only had the swords not been made to the correct specifications, but my description of the error was also erroneous..

Hence, the title of this post – Two Wrongs (the double oops)..

From the description I was provided late Friday afternoon of the swords – I was under the impression that the leather fittings were black instead of as pictured below..

Type XIV Single Hand Medieval Arming Sword

Type XVIII Single Hand Medieval Sword

As it turns out – the swords WERE/ARE exactly as pictured here, but SHOULD have had reddish brown grips..

The main thing that caused them to be off spec was the type XIV is a bit overweight and the edges on both didn’t fit with what CAS Iberia were looking for in an out of the box performance sword. Also, they swapped the pommels between the swords from Gus’s originals.

I will contact everyone who ordered in the next couple of minutes to see if they are okay with and relist any remaining swords as soon as we get final clarification.

Sometimes one oops just follows another one – sorry to everyone for any inconvenience. 😛

New Dragon King Swords!

Frenchie Jin and his team of artisans at Dragon King had been busy in the lead up to Chinese New Year – and the fruits of their labors have brought 5 new stunning, premium quality Katana to the table designed for every taste and budget..

Their most beautiful and highest quality addition – is the Tatsumaki Katana, a high polish T10 tool steel blade with silvered fittings, a rattan reinforced saya with buffalo horn fittings and the overall design is, quite simply, breathtaking..

Moving down the line, the next sword in the line up is the Savior Katana – which has the same level of exquisite blade polish and quality but slightly simpler fittings (i.e. no rattan wrap on the saya and iron with gold plated fittings instead of silvered ones) but is equally stunning.

From these two high end swords, we move to Dragon Kings mid-range offerings.

These swords are in the same class as the previously released Hana Katana – that is to say, they all have authentic fittings, are made from differentially hardened T10 tool steel – but have a more basic level of polish to make them more affordable (about half the price of the two swords above – as to properly polish a Katana by hand to the highest level is an extremely time consuming and expensive procedure).

The first of the two is the War Horse Katana (pictured above). And the second the arrow themed Fletching Katana (pictured below).

And then finally – the most affordable of them all – the Yanone Katana.

The blade on this sword is the same, but what makes it the most affordable is that it skips all the bells and whistles and strips away the extras such as the Buffalo horn on the saya, uses synthetic cotton and synthetic rayskin – and brings it down to a price point that almost any serious sword collector can afford – allowing you to own a Dragon King quality blade at the same kind of price as a Hanwei Practical Plus Katana..

And if this was not enough, along with this shipment of new swords is a restock of most of the previous models at the same time – including the Chinese swords such as the MASSIVE Chinese Jian and Saber..

Now that is what I call a BIG Sword..!

Anyway, for more pics, pricing and other information click here and check out the entire range of brand new stock from Dragon King.

Hail to the King!