Kingston Arms Tourney Arming Sword

The Kingston Arms Tourney Arming Sword is easily one of the toughest, most durable steel on steel sparring blunts ever made.

Made from expertly tempered monotempered 9260 Spring Steel and with the patented ‘King Peen’ system, the end result is a sword that rings like a bell when struck and can withstand striking pretty much anything you would care to put in front of it.

Normally just shy of $300 – from now until the 18th of June you can pick it up for a ridiculously low $189.99 – so if you are in the market for the ultimate beater and training sword, this has to be it!

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Cutting Stands and Targets!

With the heat starting to turn up in the Northern Hemisphere – many sword enthusiasts are spending even more time outdoors, so the timing of this restock of the popular sword cutting stand is pretty much ideal..

This versatile stand is designed for tatami and goza rolls but the mounting peg can also accommodate the hole of a pool noodle or be removed and the flat surface of the stand used to place water filled bottles, making it the perfect stand for the modern cutter.

Naturally, we also offer Goza mats – stiffer and more challenging targets than standard tatami:

A box of 20 full mats runs at $179.99 plus $15 shipping in North America – but if you use thinner half mats (which almost have the same density as a standard tatami full mat) and get 3 cuts per target (you can do more if you are accurate) that is 120 cuts per box at $1.62 per cut – which if you have ever cut real mats before – you will know is worth every penny and then some (and if you HAVEN’T cut mats before – what are you waiting for).

Happy and safe cutting all..

Ronin Katana Warehouse closed for two weeks

Just a quick update – the Ronin Katana warehouse, which ships our range of Ronin Katana swords and products, will be closed from the 2nd of June to the 15th of June for an annual trip to the forge.

As such, orders can still be placed during this period but will not be processed or shipped until after they get back on the 15th. We thank you for your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

SBG Custom Katana Batch 41!

Subscribers to our store newsletter already know, but just a heads up for everyone else – batch 41 of the official SBG Custom Katana opened up on the 26th of May and we are already taking our first orders.

The swords should be completed and shipping out by mid to late September 2017 and the order period for this batch closes on the 15th of June, so if you have been waiting for a chance to order – well, here it is!

It has been almost a year since we have offered the custom Katana – so the demand has certainly been building over the last year – so don’t miss out, we have moved heaven and earth to keep the price at $429.99 and added some popular new optional extras such as SanMai and Kobuse laminations, and a selection of hard to source Koshirae sets.

So what need more I say – check it out here

3 New Scorpion Swords!

Just a quick note that we have added an additional 3 models to our selection of blades by Chris Palmer from Scorpion Swords LLC..

The first of the three is an awesome fully functional sword based on the Achilles Sword seen in the movie Troy.

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The second is a zombie killer approved Tactical Machete blade based on a design used by the British Special Forces, but brought screaming into the 21st century with a mean looking blued finish..

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Finally, one of my favorites is the toughest replica of a Khopesh ever made – the Scorpion Swords Khopesh Sword of the Nile..

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This one is a bit hard to make, so if we get too many orders we may need to stop taking new ones to ensure we don’t fall behind the schedule we aim for..

Hope you find something of interest!