A couple of new hot specials

A couple of new hot specials to start July off with – and as the weather heats up, so do the deals..

The first one is a Crecy price on the Kingston Arms Crecy Sword – a stunning Hollow Ground blade with peened pommel and leather bound, wood core scabbard.

Crecy War Sword - Sharp by Kingston Arms

Crecy War Sword – Sharp by Kingston Arms

Not only is it historically plausible, but this powerful cut and thrust sword is extremely well made and a totally Crecy deal at$100 off our everyday, already heavily discounted prices (the exact same sword is for sale here at $439 from the manufacturers website).

And lovers of Katana have not been forgotten, with below wholesale pricing on the beautiful War Horse Katana by Dragon King.

Last time we offered this sword at $274.99 it proved extremely popular – here is what one reviewer said:

For the current sale price ($274.99 in Dec 2017) this thing is a steal. Gorgeous fittings — better than average for the on-sale price point — and a sharp, differentially hardened, tool steel blade. Five stars on sale; maybe four stars if you pay full price.

It has been 6 months since it was last sold at this price, and who knows when – if ever – it may be offered at this price again. So if you missed out last time, don’t miss out this time – only until the end of July and while stocks last.

Limited Availability – Atrim Bastard Sword!

There are few sword makers as well respected these days as the Legendary Angus Trim. His swords are highly sought after on the secondary sword market and increasingly rare.

So when lovers of medieval swords get a chance to grab a genuine Atrim, hand made by Gus in the USA, it is very much a case of first in first served..

Well, this is one such opportunity.

Presenting, a limited edition release of Gus’s take on the Oakeshott Type XVIa – configured as a true bastard sword that can be wielded easily in one hand, but truly comes alive when the second hand is brought into play,.

Priced to sell at $1200 with FREE SHIPPING only a handful have been made, and once they are sold out, well – who knows when they will be coming back..

Click here to get yours before they are all gone

A couple of new hot specials in time for Fathers Day..

Whether you are a Dad yourself, or want to give him something special – we have you covered with two timely hot specials just added to the SBG Sword Store.

The first is for the outdoors-man who has it all – the Survival Kukri by Paul Chen and Hanwei.

Made from expertly tempered, ultra durable 5160 spring steel, it takes the ancient Nepalese Kukri and hurtles it into the 21st century with injection molded ABS grip and hard wearing, peened and welded tang to extract the absolute maximum level of durability and multi-layer design sheathe, with an ABS insert and sturdy nylon shell. Multiple attachment points and carry positions are possible.

And the best part, the price – normally $250 but until the end of the month it is available at below wholesale pricing of just $137.49.

The next sword is, however, a limited edition Ryujin Custom Katana with a stunning redwood style mother of pearl inlaid saya that costs over $100 for the sheathe alone..

But until the end of the month and while stocks last you can pick it up for the exact same price as the standard saya Ryujin Custom Katana – and it even comes with premium quality, tsunami themed brass fittings on your choice of matching black or red ito and bamboo themed or classic Musashi style tsuba.

Amazing value and as you can see from the pics below, the whole design looks much more expensive than it actually is because – well, because it is a closeout deal on this premium quality saya.

High Resolution Pics

(click to bring up the highest detail pics)

All this and more available in the HOT SPECIALS section of our store..

Some more pics of that $199.99 Yong Lo Sword..

I have lost count of the number of emails from people who have requested some additional pics of the $199 Yong Lo Sword we are currently offering in the hot specials section of our store..

Quite a few have wondered if, considering the level of detail in the brass fittings of the hilt and scabbard and the extremely low price, that it is going to a bit ugly or something has to be wrong..

But I will let the pictures do the talking..

All this,with a fully functional sharpened 1060 carbon steel blade for $199.99 it is no wonder some people are skeptical..

But as you can see, this is the real deal, and stock is limited – so get in on this deal while you can..

1060 Carbon Steel Yong Lo Sword with Brass Fittings

Forge Direct Update Pt 2: Three New Swords!

If getting access to the original fittings again was not good enough news – how does not one but THREE brand new designs, all heavily discounted with an introductory special, from the Master Smiths at Forge Direct grab you?

The first one is a high end and very exotic Dadao Chinese War Sword with solid brass, cheetah themed hilt that is surprisingly spry for such a meaty power chopper..

Down from $1500 to $1125

This really is quite a rare beast, as Dadao are quite uncommon to find on the sword market these days,and even rarer to find one at this kind of level of craftsmanship.

Just take a close look at the Damascus pattern of the blade – and rest assured that it has been made to the absolute highest standard possible..

Click the pic for a high res, detailed close up look

The second sword is another comparatively rare type – a high end WWII replica Gunto Japanese Military Sword, complete with lockable brass handle, iron saya,and a beautiful Master Smith blade to replicate the rarest type of Gunto – heirloom blades mounted in the new military style fittings.

Down from $1000 to just $750

Really cool, and makes for a stunning display piece, but of course – like all the Forge Direct Swords – is a 100% fully functional replica of the highest standard.

And then finally, and arguabley saving the best until last – one of the wildest, high activity hamon types I have seen in years – the ‘Extreme Yahazu’ Hamon Custom Katana.

Down from $1400 to $749.99

The Master Smiths have outdone themselves with this hamon pattern – and once this introductory special is over, if it has been well received by the sword community (and I have a feeling it will be!) it will be added as a third hamon option to the Forge Direct Elite Katana currently being offered for $899.99.

Below are some gallery pics of one of the the prototypes,which has the following customizations if you wanted to make this exact sword yourself:

28″ blade, full length bo-hi, iT03 Mokko Iron Tsuba, M1 Black Ito, Black Rayskin, G3 black sageo and S5 textured black saya

And THIS is what it all looks like when it comes together (customize YOURS however you like of course).

All of the special introductory pricing will finish midnight Friday the 8th of June, so if one of these three new designs strikes your fancy, now is the time to get one at the special introductory pricing and save..