Legacy Arms Restock – But Not For Long..

If you have read any of my extensive reviews of the Generation 2/Legacy Arms swords or have been following SBG for any length of time you will know two important facts about Legacy Arms:

  1. I really like their products. They are solidly made, hand forged 5160 Spring Steel ‘beater’ swords that I consider to be great value for money and..
  2. They are REALLY hard to get hold of as the production runs at the forge in the Philippines is sporadic at the best of times.

I still agree with point number one – but for a very limited time 5 of my all time favorite models have just come back into stock after literally YEARS of being unavailable, and are sure to sell out faster than you can say ‘where did they go?’..

Here are the 5 swords I am referring to:

The first is the $279.99 Black Prince Sword – which went from being something of a sword shaped crowbar to a highly refined, extremely historically accurate fully functional replica of this famous long sword. There are only about 4 or 5 of these available, so they will be the first to sell out – especially at this price. Click here for our original review to see what all the fuss is about..

The second is the Excalibur sword – at $475 it is the most expensive sword in the Legacy Arms line up – but is worth every penny. With a whole lot of steel, solid brass fittings and a wire wrapped handle – it is pure class, and since it has been out of stock perhaps longer than any of the other swords that just landed, it is almost certainly going to end up sold out just as fast as the Black Prince. Click here for my classic review.

The third and fourth swords are a little harder to quantify which one I like best or think will sell out the fastest. But if I had to choose one, I would grab the Gladius again in a heartbeat, so I think it will have to come in at number three.

This Legacy Arms Maintz Gladius may not be the most historically accurate replica – especially with regards to the scabbard. But the blade itself is a solid performer, and was one of the first swords ever reviewed at SBG.. (click here for the testing results). And the best part, even in 12 years the price has not gone up – and is a total steal at $209.99..

Hot on its tails both chronologically and in terms of the best buy, the River Witham Viking Sword is a real treat, both in terms of build quality and handling. And pictures never do seem to do it justice.. Check out this review by Mike Harris to see why it compared favorably with an Albion, but at only a fraction of the price ($299.99).

And last but certainly not least, the beast of a sword that is the Templar Knight Sword.. It is a solid blade designed to take the Saracens head on and has some serious blade presence for its $279 price tag..

With 4 of the 5 swords here being sub $300 – this is a rare opportunity to grab a serious bargain while you still can and then you will know why I loved this brand so much and why I always recommended in my reviews, when they do become available, you need to pounce on the opportunity, as who knows when it will come around again..


Last Call on Furia – Sword of the Apocalypse

Furia Concept Art by Warren Louw

Out of the 20 swords that have and ever will be made of this revolutionary sword design by John Lundemo – only 4 pre-order places remain at the time of writing this post..

Those last 4 places are not going to be available for long – and once spoken for – this truly limited edition piece will simply be unavailable to buy unless one of the owners of the 20 swords decides to sell it second hand (and don’t hold your breath on that!)..

In the meantime, here are some photos from the first run from early 2016 that we sent out to customers who pre-ordered the first time around..

Click here to read the testing and review

Click here to get yours while you still can..

Forge Direct Sale Extension – 3 more days

Just a quick note that due to several emails from people who wanted to get in on the Forge Direct Special Offer of 20% off the Forge Direct Chinese line but who needed a little extra time to organize their finances to do so, we have been able to secure an extension on this deal until Saturday January the 21st (midnight EST).

At the stroke of midnight, this deal will turn into a pumpkin – so if you needed a little extra time, now is your LAST chance to secure one of these fantastic swords at a huge 20% off discount.

Forge Direct Chinese

New Lower Pricing on Kingston Arms Medieval Swords!

In another New Years special – we have lowered the prices on the 3 medieval swords from Kingston Arms.

First up, the Crecy Arming Sword – a cutting blade with a rare hollowground blade design that sells for $499.99 at Cas Iberia and we previously listed for $409.99 is now 10% cheaper at just $369.99 and still includes FREE SHIPPING (which is very hard to do these days, as the vast majority cost around $40-80 to ship via Fed Ex..)..

The other two swords are steel on steel sparring blades – made from 9260 Spring Steel so are about as tough as you can get, and have super tough, innovative hilt construction..

Crecy War Sword - Sharp by Kingston Arms

Crecy War Sword – Sharp by Kingston Arms

The price at Cas Iberia is $299.99 and we previously sold them for $249.99 (again, with free shipping) but now have lowered them by over 10% to just $229.99 (and as before, still offer free shipping)..

Tourney Arming Sword by Kingston Arms

Tourney Arming Sword by Kingston Arms

Tourney Viking Sword - Blunt by Kingston Arms

Tourney Viking Sword – Blunt by Kingston Arms

Pretty cool right – check them out here

Sorry, USA orders only.

SBG Scratch and Dent Katana..

Technically speaking, they aren’t scratched and they aren’t dented.. The only issue with these 6 swords is that you cannot disassemble them because we had to permanently attach the tsuka.. But when they are priced like this and don’t need any modifications to look any better, I don’t really see why you would need to..

The six swords you see below are all from batches 36 to 39 of the SBG Custom Katana – which I am pleased to say we are aiming to bring back as soon as we have the final swords from batch 40 cleared from a bit of a customs tangle and out into the hands of the customers..

Each of these swords had that issue we experienced on the Black Dragon line and the SBG custom katana series in 2016 – that is to say the wood had shifted during the summer months and shifted slightly inside the handle when swung. Not an uncommon thing, and something we have taken many steps to avoid a repeat of, but enough for us to fail them with the stringent level of QC we apply to this line..

So while we have already either refunded the customers who originally ordered them or made them a replacement, we need to try and minimize the losses – and our misfortune is again your opportunity to snap up a bargain..!

Here are the 6 designs in all their glory with a brief description. They are available on a first come first served basis and of course, this is not something we plan or hope to repeat, so if you like one of them be sure to grab it before someone else does..!


Unlike cheap folded blades, which are often much worse than an unfolded one, the folded models below are all folded professionally and provide that traditional hada aesthetic without losing anything in the way of structural integrity. Most also have other upgrades such as leather ito with hisigami and/or rayskin wrap on the saya and would normally cost around $550 at SBG, considerably more if we followed standard industry pricing..

Leather Ito, Rayskin Saya – Folded Blade. Sold for $564.99. Now $329.99.

Folded Blade, bo-hi – work hardened copper fittings. Sold for $489.99 now $269.99..

Upgraded Saya with Rayskin Wrap, Folded Blade – bo-hi, work hardened copper fittings. Sold for $564.99, now available for $329.99..

Folded Blade, Black Tiger Iron Fittings, textured saya. Sold for $489.99, now just $269.99..


Only two here, crazy pricing..

Black on blacketey black with Oni Matsuri work hardened copper fittings.. The blade is not blood red, just the lighting in the pic – click on the pic of any of these swords to see more images.. Sold for $429.99, now being sacrified for $229.99..

And an Iron Tiger themed tanto – just $149.99..

Each of these swords has otherwise passed QC testing, and indeed they actually cost us more to repair than the stupid $100-$250 discounts we are applying to them..

But we need to at least recover some of the losses – so insane as it is – best get them before someone else does or I come to my senses and realize I should not be discounting them by this much.. (I am not kidding, as I write this post I am thinking – no way I should be selling them this low – and that is NOT some kind of marketing gimmick!).

Well, hope they go to a good home.

– Paul