Batch 37 Update – SBG Custom Katana

While orders remain closed as we try to catch up on a backlog of orders on Batch 37 and Batch 38 of the SBG Custom Katana (an email update to all customers is being written at the same time as this Blog Post) – I thought I would share a pic of a few swords in the final stages of completion from batch 37 that the forge took a couple of weeks ago.


We will update the status page as we go, so please bear with us – unfortunately delays are part and parcel of any custom sword project, but they are frustrating and stressful to deal with and rest assured – we are doing our best to minimize the delay without compromising quality.

We will update you all again soon.



Batch 40 Extended – last chance before batch shutdown for catch up..

As you may have noticed from the Custom Katana Batch Status Page we are running behind on the scheduled delivery of Batch 37 and, by default, also batch 38 by around 3 weeks. This is due to both the nature of custom sword orders and some extra quality control measures we have taken to ensure we maintain the highest possible standard for this SBG flagship product line.

To ensure we do not get too far behind, after batch 40 closes we will be PAUSING taking any new orders until the backlog is under control as a courtesy to our customers who are waiting and to ensure we keep control of the backlog. As such, batch 40, which should not likely be actually effected by the delay – will be extended until midnight Friday the 24th of June.

We thank everyone for their patience – the SBG custom katana is not the fastest turnaround custom sword we have, but the level of quality control we apply to it is unheard of in the industry, especially at this relatively low price point and our customers always tell us they are worth the extra wait.. But we also understand how it feels to be waiting around for it, so we will do our best to minimize the delay while still ensuring you get the very best sword possible.

We will endeavor to keep you updated and plan to send out an email update to batch 37 and 38 customers soon.

In the meantime, if you wish to place an order before the temporary order pause (which will last until we have batch 37 out the door and batch 38 in hand and under control) – with this one week extension, now is your chance.

Thanks all,

– Paul Southren

Custom Katana – Batch 40 Now Taking Orders

We just closed off on batch 39 of the SBG Custom Katana, due 17th of August – and have opened up Batch 40 accordingly. Batch 37 is now in the final stages of assembly, all the blades have been done and once assembled should ship by the end of the month and start to arrive in Canada for inspection and final shipping in June as scheduled (though I have been told that bad weather in Longquan and across China generally is causing delays with saya drying times on pretty much everything there and at many other forges, though hopefully it will not slow things down too much on batch 37 and batch 38).

You can check the status of the most recent batches here (just updated).

Additionally, because we now have 3 brands of custom katana and each one is similar but ultimately very different, we added a new page to our blog “Custom Katana – Similarities and Differences” here

Custom Katana Batch 38 closes, batch 39 opens

We just officially closed off batch 38, due 17th of July, and opened up on new commissions for batch 39, due August 17th.

There will still be a couple of days where existing orders can make any last minute changes, so if you placed an order recently and want to make any modifications to the final design of your SBG custom katana, shoot us an email and we will make the changes before all the orders are locked up and sent to the forge.

Talk to you all again soon!