Doomsday Series – Dark Ninjato Version 2.0

The second sword in Jason Woodard’s and Chris Palmer’s collaboration, the Doomsday Line by Scorpion Swords, is following in the footsteps of the Flagship Badland Katana with a redesign to a much stouter, more robust blade design that is proven to take a consistently uniform temper and heat treatment – and deliver even more raw power than ever before:

Chris further refined and expanded on Jason’s basic design concept, giving it a more triangular blade to increase the width of it’s signature piercing ability and add more meat and strength to the overall design.

Once the blank had been shaped, the handle was ground and pins drilled in preparation for the tempering and the heat treatment – where the blade is heated to approximately 1500 degrees, until it becomes non magnetic and then quenched in brine (salt water). The 2nd step is Heat Tempering, which consists of heating the steel to 500 degrees for 2 hours, and letting it air cool. This makes for a Rockwell Hardness of approximately 57.

After some additional refinement, the black linen mircarta slab tang handle is pinned and firmly epoxied in place, ensuring the sword’s handle can withstand any abuse (accidental or otherwise) that it may encounter depending on how rough you are with it (and as you may know, these swords have a deserved reputation for toughness).

The handle is then shaped to be ergonomic and comfortable in the hand, and is completed by wrapping it in deerskin leather.

The end result?

One very mean looking, powerful and durable modern style sword – hand made in the USA for under $300..

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