NEW: Soundless Light Swords from Saber Shogun

You may remember a couple of years ago we released the ‘Saber Shogun’ line of hard core, fully functional bokken grade sparring light sabers at $199.99.

Naturally, they were a very popular product. But one of the biggest expenses in its development and final price came from the sound system that does its best to track the movement of the saber and make an appropriate sound depending on what it is doing.

Only problem is, every person will use a given saber at a different speed with a different amount of force, and there is to my knowledge no saber on the market that does this perfectly.

While they could spend countless hours and tens of thousands of dollar to refine the sound effects, there is another way. Simply REMOVE the sound option and focus on the light and the durability – and the price..

So instead of $199.99 – the new soundless range (which has the same super durable blades this line is now famous for) is available for just $120 for the special introductory price of just $79.99!

Three colors, Red Sith, Blue Jedi Guardian & Green Jedi Consular:

Red Sith
Blue Jedi Guardian
Green Jedi Consular

Awesome value no matter which way you look at them – all these and more in the ‘Cool Accessories’ and ‘Training Swords and Gear’ sections of our store.

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