Cybermonday Specials 2021!

It is hard to believe it – but it is THAT time of year again..

And while it has been (and continues to be) a channeling year, we are pleased that on CyberMonday 2021 we have some GREAT deals for you that have just been added to the HOT SPECIALS page in the official SBG Sword Store.

So here they are, three NEW swords and three classics at heavily DISCOUNTED prices..

Technically a Ko-Wakizashi..

It is clearly NOT a traditional blade with its unique blue and steel flame design, but it’s 13″ monotempered 65mn spring steel is priced so low for the CyberMonday Sale that it makes me wince a little bit..

Easily worth the price just for the blade alone..

A Very Mean Mune

The second sword in the ‘Demon tooth’ series of Art Swords (the first, still available and in stock with a Damascus steel blade) instead of folded steel it is differentially hardened, and completed with premium quality steel fittings, cotton ito and everything you would expect from a decent entry level Katana..

A very mean ‘Mune’ (spine) makes other swords nervous..!

Nothing But Damascus..

Perhaps the pinnacle of the art sword line – the fittings are suitable for the dojo, the blade something fully functional but awesome to display – if you are a fan of affordable folded steel blades, this one is for you..


$50 off the usual price on 3 classic configurations of the $249.99 Ryujin Custom Katana Series!!

Stock is limited, and all the deals end midnight 8th December 2021, so if you see something you like – get it before someone else does..!

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