Three One off ‘scratch and dent’ items from Scorpion Swords

With the sword industry far to quiet and experiencing an increasingly difficult and essentially unsustainable sales situation, in the downtime our friend Chris Palmer from Scorpion Swords took a little time to gather together a handful of swords that they had lying around the workshop for one reason or another and create a limited ‘scratch and dent’ sale promotion (though as you will see, there is not really anything scratched or dented about them)..

The first one is the last of series, a Fantasy Celtic Sword that was designed as part of the now defunct ‘Legendary Swords’ Project.

This one comes complete with a leather sheathe, solid brass fittings and a wickedly pointed triangular gladius style blade and was sold back in the day for $338.99 but is available as part of the sale for just $269.99 (and is the very last one that will ever be made, as the project, and this sword – has been wound up quite some time ago).

The second one came about as a misinterpretation of a customers custom order specification. They asked for a ‘reverse blade’ version of the Thai Daab – and while cool (almost like a kukri), it was not actually what the customer meant – so Chris remade it for the customer and now the unique reverse blade version is on sale as part of the scratch and dent sale for just $199.99 (normally $259.99).

And finally, Chris can’t actually remember why he has one, but only that he does have one in stock – and that is the meaty cleaver like blade that is the sword of Hakai.

Normally $249.99, it is available ex-stock for just $199.99 (and along with the Thai Daab, both can also be ordered with a leather sheathe – though this will delay shipping if selected as an option as it will need to be custom made).

Definitely 3 great deals for 3 lucky people – check these out and more in the HOT SPECIALS section of our Store:

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