New RK Entry Line from Ronin Katana and Special Pricing All May 2023

With the sword industry struggling to find its feet in the sinking global economy seemingly heading into recession, our friends at Ronin Katana have come through with the perfect product line at the perfect time.

And the deal gets even better because we have negotiated exclusive special pricing on these affordable, entry level traditional blades – not $165, not even $149 – but just $139.99 until the end of May on these sturdy, great handling and well made 1045 clay tempered, differentially hardened Katana with natural hamon.

If you are not familiar with this line, YouTuber Matthew Jensen has a long and extensive testing video where he takes close look and then tests on of the swords from the original series to destruction. And as you will see, it actually does a lot better than you would expect for a blade at this price point, even putting much more expensive blades to shame by comparison..

These new models not only have attractive and unique blades (as being hand clayed, each one is distinct like a fingerprint) but also very cool looking fitting sets. So without any further ado, here they are – the 10 models on special this month.

Click on the image for the full lowdown:

While these swords cover the entry level perfectly, there’s also a bit of a treat for those who are looking for premium quality..

We have taken stock of not one but 10pcs of model #2 of the Elite Soshu Kitae blades from Ronin – a cool brown ito over black rayskin, Tiger themed sword similar to the classic SBG ‘Torakami’ from way back when..

Check these and more out in the HOT SPECIALS section of the store:

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