Forge Direct Chinese Mega Spring Sale is Finally Here!

It took a little longer than expected to finalize the details – but we are delighted to announce that the Forge Direct Chinese Mega Spring Sale is finally here!

With 8 new models added to the line up and EVERYTHING discounted by 25% (including the new models) this is an amazing chance to get the best traditional Chinese swords spanning over 2500 years of history at the best possible price..

You can check out the entire line up, including the 8 new models, here at the store

But whatever you do, don’t let this chance pass you by. This offer is only valid until the 3rd of May, at which time all the swords will revert to their normal pricing.

Jian of Marquis Yi – Sale Extended for 3 more days..

We have had a few requests for a ‘little more time’ to purchase the limited edition Project X Jian of Marquis Yi..

So Master Xiaolong kindly extended the offer for another 3 days with a new deadline of midnight (EST) the 10th of April..

After this deadline, there will be NO additional extensions and we are not certain when we will be able to offer you this heirloom quality sword again (at the very least it will be one more year before it is offered again – at worst, this may be the LAST chance – we never really know with these limited edition Project X swords..)

As such, if you have been sitting on the fence – THIS is your final chance.

Pre-Order Yours HERE before it is too late..

Project X and Forge Direct

Behind the scenes there has been a flurry of activity regarding Project X – and just today two swords have been released for pre-order.

The first is a true Project X classic – the Jian of Marquis Yi!

This sword has been immensely popular since its release in 2013, and once look at the stunning blade and fittings is all it takes to realize that this is one special piece.

Click here for more info

This will be the first and final time it will be offered in 2017 (this is only the third run of this sword since 2013) and it’s availability depends on how many pre-orders come in. Based on the times it has been offered previously, we expect to close off taking new orders mid April, but it may be even sooner.. We will do our best to keep you posted here but if it ends suddenly and you miss out, please accept our apologies – we really do need to limit the number of swords we offer on this design as the very second the forge says ‘enough’ we need to stop orders and send it back to the archive..

In other Forge Direct News – we also just updated our options for the stunning Muramasa Laminated Katana.

Click here for more info

Now with full customization options, if you don’t like the base design – you can now make it your own. And the best price, while we had to raise the price $99 for the time being it is still on sale at the original price of $700, meaning the world of customization we opened up on it are completely free of charge..!

And finally, a sneak preview of some new Forge Direct Chinese swords coming down the line..

7 New Jian are being prepared to join the current rotation and some older models will be shuffling off the line into the archives to make room. So stay tuned for this – Spring is when the forges do their best work – and next month the new models will kick off with a limited time promotional sale.

Lots more going on behind the scenes so I need to get back to it and will update you all again VERY soon.

Furia and the Doomsday Clock..

It is a bit of a disturbing coincidence.

But as we run down towards the last opportunity to pre-order John Lundemos stunning Furia – Sword of the Apocalypse, the so called ‘doomsday clock’ is revealed to have moved closer to armageddon shifting the hands to now just 2 and a half minutes to midnight – the closest it has been since 1953 when the first hydrogen bomb was tested..

Naturally we hope that the events we describe in the Furia backstory will remain fiction. But the fact that this is the absolute last opportunity to pre-order this sword, regardless of whether or not the world goes up in flames or just keeps on keeping on as it always has, is very real.

We don’t want to keep anyone waiting any longer.

While John has already begun some preliminary work on the final 10 blades, work begins in earnest on the 3rd of February – and to be fair to everyone who pre-ordered, the opportunity to pre-order will close one minute before midnight eastern standard time on the 2nd of Feb.

Once that threshold is crossed the window of opportunity to pre-order will slam shut, and the very last 3 swords currently open to pre-order will become mine, to gift to some dear friends and keep one for my own personal collection, sell at a price closer to their true value as a never to be repeated, limited edition John Lundemo collectible sword, or otherwise release or not release as I see fit..

The clock may or may not be ticking on the doomsday clock itself. But it is definitely ticking on Furia – and if you wanted one but did not take action fast enough, I am sorry – but it will simply be too late..

Click here to reserve yours while there is still time..

Last Call on Furia – Sword of the Apocalypse

Furia Concept Art by Warren Louw

Out of the 20 swords that have and ever will be made of this revolutionary sword design by John Lundemo – only 4 pre-order places remain at the time of writing this post..

Those last 4 places are not going to be available for long – and once spoken for – this truly limited edition piece will simply be unavailable to buy unless one of the owners of the 20 swords decides to sell it second hand (and don’t hold your breath on that!)..

In the meantime, here are some photos from the first run from early 2016 that we sent out to customers who pre-ordered the first time around..

Click here to read the testing and review

Click here to get yours while you still can..