Project X – Forge Direct Chinese New Year Super Sale!

Chinese New Year is coming very soon – and that means that the Forge and the Master Smiths who make our Forge Direct Series swords will shortly be downing tools and taking a break for 2-3 weeks to visit family, recharge their batteries and otherwise do everything we in the West did over the Christmas/New Years period (but for longer and on an even grander scale!).

The bad news for us is that of course any orders placed from now until they get back to work in early February on our Forge Direct Line will not have anything done on them until they get back to work. The good news is that when they do get back to work, they will be rather refreshed and keen to put hammer to anvil – and the period immediately following Chinese New Year is when the forges tend to do their best work!

And the BEST news is – to make up for the delay – any orders placed from now until the 18th of January are not only going to be the very best quality of any swords ordered this year.. But you can also save yourself 20% off the price to make up for having to wait a couple of weeks longer!


As mentioned in a previous post – we were about to and have just added THREE NEW SWORDS to the Forge Direct Line Up – and they are hitting the ground running at the best price you will see them for with the 20% off discount.

Check out the full Forge Direct Chinese line up HERE

And be sure to grab yourself a bargain while you can to start of the year of the Fire Rooster in the most auspicious way – with 2500 years of living Chinese history in your hand!

Project X Chinese – Limited Edition Release

x-jian-windsteel-2We are proud to release a bit of a ‘surprise’ item for fans of Project X Chinese – the limited edition Wind Steel Jian, a stunning 1095 carbon steel with a rare and very hard to reproduce ‘Wind Steel/Feather Steel’ shuangxue (hamon)..


Close up of the Wind Steel pattern, made by a special differential hardening technique. Click on the pic to enlarge.

This sword has been produced in conjunction with Ronin Katana and, apart from this blades amazing cutting power, durability and stunning blade and fittings – is not a pre-order item, it is available for immediate delivery, and there are only 4 pieces available – making it a true limited edition release for Chinese sword enthusiasts..

While the name ‘feather steel’ may make it seem like a lightweight, nothing could be further from the truth..

Like I said, only 4 are available and it is a limited edition, one off piece – so don’t miss out!

Check it out in all its glory here

Project X – Last Orders for 2016..

Around 24 hours previously, we emailed everyone who had been waiting for a chance to get their hands on a Project X Katana and – as expected – 24 hours later we are almost completely sold out again..

The Gunto is already out of stock, and at the time of this post there is only 1 Model # 006 Dragon Katana left..

The only sword we currently have a few of is the O-Katana, but only because we ordered quite a few.. But they too are moving fast.

As all of the Project X swords seen to date are completed for 2016, time is definitely running out if you want to secure one for yourself.



Last of the Dragon Dao – Project X

Just a quick post, as the Dragon Dao is a very high end, rather specialized sword – but if it is calling to you, you don’t need me to say much more than two Dragon Dao are now in stock in Texas and ready to ship out.

Once they are sold, that is it for 2016 – so if one has your name on it, don’t miss out..

Click here for more information

Project X Japanese swords will be available in a couple of weeks – currently we are concentrating on shipping out the pre-orders and once they are all shipped, will offer the remaining stocked swords for sale accordingly.

We will update you all again soon.

Project X Katana and Dragon Dao Are In..

Yes, models 4-6 of Project X Japanese (Gunto, O-Katana and Dragon Katana respectively) and the Dragon Dao have landed, cleared customs and are being inspected in preparation to ship out to customers who per-ordered over the following week.

It will still be at least a couple of weeks before we will open up on taking new orders for the limited landed stock we have available – our priority is to fulfill pre-orders first, but once they are all accounted for there will be a very limited opportunity to secure one of these heirloom quality swords for yourself.

With customs fees and airfreight costs being so high (shipping alone on these swords is $150-200 plus due to the massive wooden display box they come shipped in) these swords are almost being sold at the wholesale cost price, so represent a truly amazing bargain and opportunity. Once the pr-orders are fulfilled, the swords we have in stock will be sold off on a first come, first served basis – so if you have not already signed up to the special Project X Mailing List on Our Project X Page to be notified when they become available, you will almost certainly miss out on this rare opportunity..

I will update you all again soon!

– Paul