Even FURTHER Discounts on the Forge Direct Fantasy Sword Collection

We already started off with a 20% discount on the stunning series of fully functional Fantasy Swords based on ancient Chinese myths and legends in the ‘Swords of Lhasa Collection’ with Forge Direct.

But after extensive negotiations with Master Michael Jie – as long as we can maintain a certain order volume, we have been able to get one final level of discount – not 20% but up to 40% off the swords usual market price..!

With many unique blade styles and geometries – including the largest collection of Octagonal cross section blade profiles in one place, the amazing revolving pattern welded blade of the Sword of Hannonlle and the solid brass handles of the Sword of Peace and the Sky Dragon – this really is quite an amazing opportunity.

BUT – this is the caveat – if we cannot maintain the necessary order volume, we will not be able to maintain the huge discounts on offer either, and so this offer may be withdrawn at any time and all swords will revert to the full price..

Though hopefully, with such steep discounts now on offer, that will not happen. But you don’t want to count on it – so if one of these unique designs ‘speaks’ to you, then grab it at the discount price while the sale is still on..

Check out the entire Swords of Lhasa Collection here


Forge Direct Update Pt 2: Three New Swords!

If getting access to the original fittings again was not good enough news – how does not one but THREE brand new designs, all heavily discounted with an introductory special, from the Master Smiths at Forge Direct grab you?

The first one is a high end and very exotic Dadao Chinese War Sword with solid brass, cheetah themed hilt that is surprisingly spry for such a meaty power chopper..

Down from $1500 to $1125

This really is quite a rare beast, as Dadao are quite uncommon to find on the sword market these days,and even rarer to find one at this kind of level of craftsmanship.

Just take a close look at the Damascus pattern of the blade – and rest assured that it has been made to the absolute highest standard possible..

Click the pic for a high res, detailed close up look

The second sword is another comparatively rare type – a high end WWII replica Gunto Japanese Military Sword, complete with lockable brass handle, iron saya,and a beautiful Master Smith blade to replicate the rarest type of Gunto – heirloom blades mounted in the new military style fittings.

Down from $1000 to just $750

Really cool, and makes for a stunning display piece, but of course – like all the Forge Direct Swords – is a 100% fully functional replica of the highest standard.

And then finally, and arguabley saving the best until last – one of the wildest, high activity hamon types I have seen in years – the ‘Extreme Yahazu’ Hamon Custom Katana.

Down from $1400 to $749.99

The Master Smiths have outdone themselves with this hamon pattern – and once this introductory special is over, if it has been well received by the sword community (and I have a feeling it will be!) it will be added as a third hamon option to the Forge Direct Elite Katana currently being offered for $899.99.

Below are some gallery pics of one of the the prototypes,which has the following customizations if you wanted to make this exact sword yourself:

28″ blade, full length bo-hi, iT03 Mokko Iron Tsuba, M1 Black Ito, Black Rayskin, G3 black sageo and S5 textured black saya

And THIS is what it all looks like when it comes together (customize YOURS however you like of course).

All of the special introductory pricing will finish midnight Friday the 8th of June, so if one of these three new designs strikes your fancy, now is the time to get one at the special introductory pricing and save..

Forge Direct Update 1: yay! the old koshirae sets are available again!

It has been about 6 months or so since the Chinese government, in an effort to improve air quality, took the drastic action of shutting down tens of thousands of non compliant factories, foundries and workshops across the country.

Including, as we know, all the major suppliers of koshirae (sword for fittings for Katana) who got caught up in the crackdown, severely limiting the selections available for Japanese styled swords across the board, and specifically for our Forge Direct Elite Katana series..

Well, I am pleased to say that the fittings are back, cleaner and greener than ever before!

So the silver lining caused by the previous (polluted) dark cloud over the industry means that now,the Forge Direct Katana series has more choices than EVER before, as we added a ton of solid iron tsuba made by the forge itself to make up for the loss of the work hardened copper sets.. And with the return of the original sets, it brings the number of tsuba and fuchigashira set options to over 82 different sets!

So now there is surely something to suit everyone’s taste.

Available on both the Elite Custom Katana and for the Elite Custom O-Katana – and still at no extra cost!

For Quick Sale: Forge Direct Scratch and Dent King of Chu Sword

This one is priced for quick sale..

For the first time there was a mix up with one of our Forge Direct Chinese Sword orders – instead of the King of Qin Sword, our good customer was sent a King of Chu Sword – and to make matters worse, there was a discrepancy with how the hilt was finished.

Instead of this:

The hilt ended up looking like this:

Otherwise though, it is a great example of a Forge Direct 1095 carbon steel folded blade – and priced to sell as the normal price on this sword is $749.99 but this one, which is available for immediate shipping, is on offer for less than half price at just $299.99 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING.

A crazy deal for someone who is fast – if it is still available you will find it at the top of the HOT SPECIALS page.

Forge Direct: The Spring Collection

Forge Direct goes from strength to strength with the release of 18 new exciting and original Master Smith forged swords in the Spring Collection 2018.

And as you can see, all the new models are available with a whopping 20% introductory special pricing offer from now until the 30th of April.

Here’s a little taste of what is in store:


This is actually a limited edition offer – ONLY available from now until April 30 – and it is for a fully customizable version of the original Muramasa prototype I had made that kicked off the Forge Direct Japanese project..

You can leave it as is, and get the exact same sword I tested in my review here – or tweak it however you like. The customization options are NEARLY as many as for the full $899.99 Custom Katana, so if you are in the market for an elite level cutting Katana, made to YOUR taste and style – you only have about 10 days to get in on this one..

Traditional Chinese Swords

There are some real standouts in the selection for Chinese swords – too many models to go over quickly here, but here are a few that I think deserve more than a cursory look..


One of the most unique is the so called Spinsteel Jian – which is made using a special revolving pattern welding technique to produce a blade, well, a blade like THIS..


Bargain lovers in the market for a nice handling Jian should love the Classic Peony – stylish traditional fittings, but the master smith folded 1095 carbon steel blade flashes like lightning with a point of balance just 3.93 inches from the hand guard, and is one of the most affordable at just $439.99 (and remember, this includes FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!).

And then Fantasy Swords, blades with unique patterns like the Sword of Hannonlle

Or the ultra affordable Sword of the Ages – eagle themed brass fittings with Jian scabbard and 1095 folded carbon steel blade is a nice surprise with an introductory price of not $699.99 but just $539.99 shipped worldwide…

There really are too many exciting designs to be able to cover here. So check them all out below – and be sure to grab these bargains while you still can. The special pricing is only valid until the end of the month…