Longship Armory – Odin’s Oar!

For the last 6 months or so I have been involved in preparing an exciting new project that is scheduled to launch in January 2018..

It started with a Fantasy Sword design competition that appeared in the Sword Buyers Digest Online Magazine, and then developed into several brainstorming sessions with SBG members on the SBG Sword Forum to populate a detail rich fantasy world where the swords we designed could all be situated in..

Over the months, quietly a dedicated website has been building – now over 200 pages – and still building ahead of the official launch.

But the very first sword from this project has come of age – and I am proud to say that it is without a shadow of a doubt the most exclusive and beautiful sword that SBG has EVER been involved with in the last 12 years..

It was designed, not from the competition, but by none other than John Lundemo of Odin Blades fame. But the steel was forged by KC Lund – and I am not alone in my estimation of how unique this blade is.. Not only is it the finest blade we have ever been invoved with at SBG – but John himself said of it:

“Definitely one of the best swords, if not the best, with which I’ve been involved over the past 30-some years”

  • John Lundemo, Odinblades/Longship Armory

The sword is ‘Fantasy Viking Sword’, Pattern welded by KC Lund from L6 and O1 steels for legendary durability and a razor sharp, hard wearing edge.


Odin’s Oar: The Sword of Runa, Martyr of Stormwater

This is no run of the mill production piece: it is a true limited edition sword – only 20pcs will EVER be made, after which no more will be created to protect its value and ensure that the lucky few who get to own one will have their investment protected.

Now we have detailed the full backstory, and given you a look into how it was made, who made it, and the basic outline of who Runa of Stormwater was, what she did, and how it fits into the Legends we are creating. Exclusive artwork is currently being designed by Warren Louw of DC comics fame, and an accompanying signed poster of Runa and Odin’s Oar will also be provided with each sword when it is completed..

You can read all about it on the main site here

But in the meantime, here are few other bits and pieces of information that you might have questions about..

How much is it and when will it be completed?

The pictures are of the prototype, but as everything is being made by the same people and in house in the USA, what you see is what you too can get..

Normally, if you were to have this custom made as a one off, based on the cost of the time spent making each one, plus materials and everything else would run to around $4800. Hardly ‘cheap’ but if you do some research you will know that it is not at all unreasonable for this price tag (heck, bare blade modern day made Nihonto typically start at this price point – most are considerably more..)

But by making them in batches of 10, and with everyone cutting their margins to the absolute minimum as a service to the SBG community, we have priced it at just $2750 – and believe me, there is no way that it can go even a few dollars lower than this price, so no further discounts will be available as it is already priced at what you would normally pay just for the DEPOSIT alone..! (just the credit card fees to process an order are over $120 – which is almost all of the SBG share of the profits – THAT is how close to the bone we have priced it!).

We have said that it should be completed and shipped out in May 2018 – however, KC Lund has already gone ahead and forged the first 10 blade blanks. and it may well come in MUCH sooner, so we have allowed a nice buffer of time and will do our best to bring it in earlier..

How much needs to be paid up front?

As stated, the full price is actually around what you would normally pay for a deposit to secure this sword. Because of this, you require full payment up front for two reasons:

1. We cannot afford to spend time and money chasing up people and holding back swords to get the balance sorted out. We are serious about this, and require you to be serious about it too.

2. Most sword makers require a non-refundable deposit – and that just does not sit right with me if for some reason we cannot get a hold of you to chase up the balance before shipping as that is money for nothing, and that just isn’t how we roll.

Our promise is that the sword you will receive will meet and exceed your expectations. That is what Longship Armoury is famous for – if for some reason when you get it you aren’t happy, you can simply return it for refund. Never heard of this happening with Longship Armoury sword, most people who own one would need to have it pried from their dead hand..! 😉

When will the FINAL batch of 10pcs be made?

We have not yet set a firm date for the final run – but I would imagine sometime late in 2018. Places do fill up pretty fast usually, and we have several previous Longship Armoury customers already chomping at the bit just waiting for this announcement, so don’t be surprised if despite the relatively high price point (which is actually a total bargain) the first 10 spots and the final 10 will fill up very fast..

I can think of no better way to lead into the launch of our dedicated Fantasy Sword Site – Legendary Swords: the Eletreus Project and truly honored to be able to offer this to you all as a SBG exclusive.

It is very exciting stuff – and truly one of the most beautiful modern day swords made from two of the best and rarest sword steels around.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I will leave you with a close up of the Pattern Welded steel blade (click for full size)

Click here to read the backstory and more info on SBG

Click here to see it in the SBG Sword Store!

Forge Direct Chinese – Sale Over and Product Line Mothballed

Just a quick update – the forge direct Mega-Sale just finished a few minutes ago and as explained previously, is now archived and unavailable to order until further notice.

Our Master Smith has received quite a nice boost of orders to keep him busy when he gets back to work at the end of the month, and all the people who took advantage of the 25% discount special offer should be receiving their swords sometime in mid December.

For the time being, we have moved the entire selection to the ARCHIVES – but just in case this line never comes back, here is selection of the most popular designs from the sale..

I really do hope that this will not be the end of the Forge Direct Chinese Sword Project – these really are stunningly beautiful swords literally dripping with 2500 years of history and it would be such a shame to see it all come to an end.

Hopefully our modest contribution of orders from the sale will help keep the forge going long enough to see another few rounds, but only time will tell..

Here’s hoping that we will see them all again soon.

  • Paul

Project X Japanese – 5 Day Extension

We have had a lot of requests for an extension over the last 10 days..

And since this is such a rare opportunity (these swords have only been offered once or at the most twice over the past 5 years) we were able to convince the Master Smiths to grant us a 5 day extension..

So if you have an interest in getting your hands on one of these rare, heirloom quality Soshu Kitae Laminated blades – you have exactly 5 days to go before this window of opportunity slams shut and the next opportunity to buy, is unclear and unknown..

Click here to check out the 8 models before they are gone

Project X Japanese – Limited Re-Release

It has been several years since we have offered the heirloom quality Soshu Kitae laminated Japanese swords from the Master Smiths at Project X..

And with upward pricing pressures on materials, labor and shipping – it has become increasingly hard to be able to offer these amazing blades at such a relatively low price point.. (honestly, in the $1000 price range – Project X stands head and shoulders above every other sword simply because the VALUE you get dollar for dollar, pound for pound, is off the chart.. These swords should be priced to make a healthy profit – but instead we mark up just enough to ensure we at least break even)..

So after EXTENSIVE negotiations with the forge we are delighted to be able to offer you these swords direct from the forge WITHOUT increasing prices – making this your golden opportunity to get any of the classic models released since 2012 (see below)..

The only catch is – we can only hold open the door for new commissions from now until the 5th of July.. Which means that there is officially less than 10 days to secure your order before the door slams shut again (and we are not certain when we will ever be able to offer the whole line up like this in the future)..

So, long story short – if you want to secure one of the highest quality Katana made outside of Japan (at a fraction of what it would cost to have it made IN Japan) – this limited time re-release is for YOU..


Forge Direct Chinese Mega Spring Sale is Finally Here!

It took a little longer than expected to finalize the details – but we are delighted to announce that the Forge Direct Chinese Mega Spring Sale is finally here!

With 8 new models added to the line up and EVERYTHING discounted by 25% (including the new models) this is an amazing chance to get the best traditional Chinese swords spanning over 2500 years of history at the best possible price..

You can check out the entire line up, including the 8 new models, here at the store

But whatever you do, don’t let this chance pass you by. This offer is only valid until the 3rd of May, at which time all the swords will revert to their normal pricing.