Forge Direct – Work in Progress Update

Just something a little different with today’s post – some progress pics from the master smiths at Forge Direct who have been back from Chinese New Year holidays for a couple of weeks now and are well and truly making good progress on the orders received from the recent mega sale.

First off, a picture of the forge itself – all fired up and making blades around the clock.

Next up, a picture of one of the raw billets of steel, this particular billet to be folded to produce one of the Chinese Jians we offer in the series.

And after folding, the blade is skillfully drawn out to full length by one of the Master Smiths.

And finally, once the Master has finished his work – it is sent over to a certified Master Polisher, who cleans it all up, hones the edge and brings it to life..

The polishing alone is very labor intensive, each sword is hand polished for up to 10 hours starting with coarse and ending with refined grits – which adds considerably to the cost of the sword, but is worth every penny paid..

So anyway, just thought you might be interested in a sneak peak behind the scenes at what is going on.

It is full steam ahead – and very good to see after 2017 which was a very difficult year for the sword industry, and traditional Chinese swords in particular.

Talk to you all again soon!

  • Paul

And so the Forge Direct Mega Sale Comes to an End.. But..

Thanks to everyone who ordered during the Forge Direct Mega Sale – all the orders are being sent through to the forge as we speak and the Master Smiths are preparing to fire up the forge and put the hammer to the anvil..

And while the special prices and discounts may have ended, we have arranged special pricing on the new Forge Direct Asian Fantasy Sword line to help get the word out about this line and the associated Fantasy Sword Project we are working on.

One of the characters from the Fantasy Series, the Adept Denisia of Pomedica wielding the Sword of Peace and the Dragons Tongue

So for the time being, this new line is being offered with a 20% discount until further notice.

Hope you enjoy them, there really are some unique and interesting designs there.

Some New Tsuba’s for the Forge Direct Custom Katana Series

Just a quick update – we just added a 8 new tsuba options to the Forge Direct Elite Custom Katana series as below, bringing the total number of tsuba options now up to 52.

Yes, we could have added more tsuba like some of the eBay sellers who cheap out using rather fragile zinc alloy tsuba – but for the Forge Direct Line only the best quality ones will do..

So you can rest assured that these not only look good, but they are solid, durable and the best quality they can be..

Forge Direct – the Relaunch and Mega Sale!

Several months ago, changes at the forges in China forced us to withdraw our line of Forge Direct swords to retool and regroup.

And so, after several months on hiatus, we are delighted to bring back Forge Direct with a vengeance – and a mega sale to go along with it!

Yes, that is right – the forge has offered us a huge discount to accumulate some orders over the Chinese New Year period ready for them to get to work on from the 23rd of February when they resume work (and the best part is, not only is it one of the best seasons for sword forging in China, but the master smiths are fully refreshed from their break and it is this time of year that they do some of their BEST work!).

But it gets even better, because – like with Scorpion Swords – a new line of Asian Fantasy style swords has just been released under the Legendary Swords banner!

Here is one of my favorites, and also one of the most affordable – the Dragon Tongue, a folded and hand forged sturdy blade with fantastical Dragon themed hilt – normally $549.99 but just $412.49 with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!

So what are you waiting for?

Check out the full forge direct relaunch here!