Fantasy Dagger Selection from Darksword new at the SBG Sword Store..

As you know, we are careful about what products we list in our store – and list everything by the philosophy that if I would not buy it, then I refuse to stock it..

But with the recent expansion of our store to include medieval daggers by Legacy Arms – there were a few, four specifically, daggers from Darksword Armory that I would snap up in a heartbeat..

First up, how about $80 all inclusive for this Stiletto!

But if you want to get serious, then the last three are the ones you will want to take a very close look at. All of the following blades with FREE SHIPPING and FREE SHARPENING service as well as a free wood core scabbard that matches the sword of the same name.

Starting with one of my favorites, just $300 for the Einar Fantasy Viking Dagger.

And how about a matching Ranger dagger to go with Striders’ sword for $190 all inclusive?

And fans of John Boorman, how about Excalibur the dagger – just $215?

These really are crazy good deals. Check them all out below:

Full selection of knives, daggers and Tanto here

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