New Product: Hanwei Japanese Sword Cleaning Kit

I had long resisted making a cleaning kit available at the SBG Sword Store, mostly because I had had so many bad experiences with just how USELESS the vast majority you get free with a sword (its NOT FREE, as an experienced sword seller – and buyer – I know whatever free items that have been have been factored into the final price and I am definitely paying for) or pick up on ebay for $20, really are.

I mean, none of the materials are authentic, 90% of the time the oil is dried out, the box broken, the thread on the mekugi-nuki hammer gone so it spins everytime you try to use it..


The ONLY exception I would recommend to people who could not be bothered making their own sword cleaning kit for FREE (or almost free, just depends on what you have laying around in the garage already) was this Hanwei Sword cleaning Kit – simply because, it was decent quality and the components – actually useable! (shock horror – think of the difference between a stainless steel wallhanger and a fully functional sword and you get the idea of the quality variation).

So when listing some new swords the question came up – why not make it available? After all, a lot of people like the convenience of a decent ready made kit, there really was no reason not to make them available…

So here they are!

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New Product: Hanwei Cromwell Mortuary Sword


Cromwell looking non plussed as usual. Courtesy Wikipedia Commons.

It is kind of ironic that they call this piece a Mortuary Sword as for a time it was “dead” (discontinued), then exclusively available here at CAS Iberia (for $510 mind you, take it or leave it) – and then, only very recently, made available to wholesaler and resellers again..

Thus, when we saw some of these incredibly ornate swords actually come in with the most recent CAS shipment of Hanwei swords – I HAD to bring them to the market for a reasonable price again..

So we turned back the clock and listed them for US$299.99 WITH FREE SHIPPING!

The original review that sparked my interest in this sword can be found on SBG here – and it spurred me to test and review a lesser variant that, again, was discontinued (but I believe may also be coming back soon into stock and general distribution) – the “Mortuary Hilt Sword” (click the link to read the review).

While initially not my cup of tea, after handling and trying these swords out I have become rather fond of them and happy to support something a bit different than the usual run of the mill longsword or Katana..

Here is a video of me messing around with Hanwei’s budget version:

The Cromwell really is the luxury upgrade model, I mean – that full rayskin handle wrap really makes it pop. Just stunning..

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Not sure who Oliver Cromwell was? Monty Python sums it up nicely..


Well, they sum it up anyway..